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PMA Conferences

Every year, The Power Marketing Association holds the following conferences, among others:

The Annual Electric Rate Derivatives Conference and Exposition, held each Spring. The first, and the largest conference on this key subject for power marketers.

The Annual Implementing Retail Access Conference held each Spring in Washington, DC. PMA’s annual update on the key issues in retail implementation— the most sophisticated event if its kind.

PMA’s Annual Meeting and Exposition: Strategies for Success In Power Marketing, a massive, multi-track conference treating all the key issues in power marketing at the wholesale and retail level. Each Fall, in Washington, DC.

Special-interest topics— as required by events. In the past, this has included special sessions on FERC’s Order 888, among others.

Each conference has at least one seminar given in conjunction with it, generally the day before, by a PMA-certified trainer. Special subjects include "Fundamentals of Power Marketing," "Pricing Electricity," and others as appropriate.

PMA Corporate Members also get free booth space at PMA’s three expositions, held in conjunction with its Annual Strategies for Success meeting, The PMA Implementing Retail Access Conference and The PMA Electric Rate Derivatives Conference.



The Power Marketing Association Online
is one of the most popular web sites in the electric power industry.

PMA OnLine provides a free daily newsletter on the power industry, The PMA Daily Power Report, and e-mails headline updates on a daily basis to thousands of its subscribers. PMA OnLine Magazine provides extensive, searchable archives of in-depth articles on a wide range of industry subjects.

PMA Online also is the only source for comprehensive directories of power marketers and other energy industry personnel, as well as by far the most comprehensive source of job information in the power industry online.

Through PMA OnLine, The Power Marketing Association is continually expanding a range of free services for the power industry.

Corporate and Associate members receive discounts of 25%-50% on banner ads placed on PMA OnLine. Members can also list their job openings free on "The PMA Jobs Site".


PMA Affiliated Publications


Retail Energy Monthly provides comprehensive information on retail legislation at the state and Federal level, regulatory developments, pilot programs and new tariffs, industry news and products.

Wheeling & Transmission Monthly provides comprehensive information on all contracts signed by FERC jurisdictional utilities— hundreds of contracts are summarized each month, and reported in cogent format, with the most important contracts cited in a special highlights section.

The Cogeneration & Power Marketing Monthly Letter gives you the name and address of the appropriate contact at each and every newly-planned power plant, as well as a brief description of the planned facility.

About Membership
in The Power Marketing Association

Dear Power Industry Professional:

We cordially invite you to become a Power Marketing Association (PMA) member.

As our industry continues to progress towards a new era, it is more important than ever that your organization have the information resources, training, and industry networking capabilities necessary to compete effectively.

Since its founding in 1994, The Power Marketing Association has rapidly grown to become an invaluable resource for the information, news, training, staffing assistance, consulting services and research data that our burgeoning industry requires.

PMA’s annual conferences, seminars and trade shows continually provide cutting-edge information and serve as crash-course updates on the state of the industry. Our award-winning web site,, has become the energy professional’s preferred resource for daily industry news; and is one of the power industry’s best showcases for new products and services.

The Power Marketing Association’s membership represents the entire spectrum of the U.S. electric power industry including independent power marketers and brokers, regulated utilities, unregulated utility affiliates, as well as providers of products and services to the industry.

For our members, PMA’s annual membership dues are a cost-effective way to stay informed, promote their company, interact with industry players and help support the future of electric power marketing.

We hope you will take a moment to consider the benefits of PMA membership. To begin your membership, please return the membership form below by mail or fax, or simply call PMA at (703) 743-1041.

Best regards,

The Power Marketing Association

Corporate Membership

For companies active in power marketing, The Power Marketing Association Corporate Membership Package is cost-effective.

  • Free attendance for up to four attendees at all PMA Conferences and Seminars. With four conference/seminar combinations each year (normally $950 each), taking full advantage provides $15,200 in value to the member.
  • 35% off advertising placed on — the most visited site in the electric power industry.
  • Four free subscriptions to our newsletters: Wheeling & Transmission Monthly ($345/yr), The Cogeneration & Power Marketing Monthly Letter ($295/yr) and Retail Energy Monthly ($245/yr). Total value: $3540 in value to the member.
  • Free booth space at PMA’s annual "Electric Rate Derivatives Conference and Exposition", and at PMA’s Annual Meeting: "Strategies for Success In Power Marketing" as well as the "Implementing Retail Access" conferences, in Washington,DC.
    Total value: $6000.
  • Free subscription to PMA’s "Power Industry Recruiter Service". Receive PMA’s database of hundreds of recently submitted resumes, and monthly updates with scores of new resumes of experienced power industry professionals. (Provided by e-mail only) An $850 value!
  • Free copies of all PMA in-house survey and directory publications as they are published. Low-cost on-site training from PMA-certified trainers. Bring in an expert to provide training on (a) the fundamentals of power marketing; (b) retail marketing; (c) electric rate derivatives; (d) cogeneration development, and other special-interest topics. These sessions are normally $7,000 for one day. For members, training sessions are only $3,000/day. Total savings $4,000

The total value of full membership for your company: Over $35,000!

Full Corporate Membership costs only $9,000 per year.

Associate Corporate Membership

For firms with lesser requirements, associate corporate membership may suffice. Associate corporate members receive the same basic benefits as full members, with the following limitations:

  • Free attendance at conferences and seminars is limited to two delegates, rather than four. (A $7,500 value.)
  • 20% off advertising placed on — the most visited site in the electric power industry.
  • 50% off booth space at PMA’s annual "Electric Rate Derivatives Conference and Exposition," and at PMA’s Annual Meeting: "Strategies for Success In Power Marketing" and "Implementing Retail Access Conference," in Washington, DC. A $3,000 value.
  • 50% off subscription to PMA’s "Power Industry Recruiter Service". Receive PMA’s database of hundreds of recently submitted resumes and monthly updates with scores of new resumes of experienced power industry professionals. (Provided by e-mail only). An $850 value, for just $425/year.
  • Two, (rather than four) sets of subscriptions to our publications are provided on a complimentary basis.
  • On-site training sessions are reduced to $3,000/day, rather than $4,500/day.

The total value of associate membership for your company: Over $12,000

Associate Corporate membership dues are only $4,500 per year.

Individual Membership

for individuals in the power marketing and affiliated industries

  • Discounts on all PMA events, including the annual "Strategies for Success Conference and Exposition" in Washington, D.C.; the annual "Electric Rate Derivatives Conference", and the "Annual Implementing Retail Access Conference". Savings on these three events alone is worth $600!
  • Free subscriptions to Retail Energy Monthly, including the "Monthly Power Jobs Listings", the most comprehensive listing of jobs in the power marketing industry. a $245 value
  • 50% off The Cogeneration & Power Marketing Monthly Letter and Wheeling & Transmission Monthly. a $320+ value

For individuals, attend just one PMA event and you are well ahead as a member of the Power Marketing Association.

PMA Individual Memberships are only $300 per year.

To begin your Power Marketing Association membership, print and return the form below, or call (703) 743-1041 or fax to (703) 743-1042.

PMA Membership Application Form

Mail to: The Power Marketing Association, P. O. Box 803, Gainesville, VA 20156-0803
or Fax to: (703) 743-1042

o Corporate Member (Annual Dues: $9,000)
o Associate Member (Annual Dues: $4,500)
o Individual Member (Annual Dues: $300)

Charge my o Visa, o Master Card, o AMEX credit card:

Account Number: Expiration Date:
Signature: Total Charge:

o Check enclosed for the selected membership dues. o Bill Me

City: State: Zip:
Telephone: Fax: E-Mail:


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