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PNM Resources

Wholesale Power Marketing Project Manager

Location: Albuquerque, NM

This position is covered by NERC CIP cyber security standards. Prior to being hired, promoted, or transferred into the position, the candidate must successfully pass a Personnel Risk Assessment, which includes identity verification and a criminal background check. Prior to being granted unescorted access to cyber secure areas, the candidate must attend cyber security training. Annual cyber security training is also required.

Performs wholesale market research, gathers, assimilates and processes critical trade information, and provides essential analysis and strategic recommendations to the wholesale marketing group. Provides support for, and is involved in, the conception, design and development of wholesale strategy and products designed to assist the real-time and day ahead traders trading activities. Working with BTS, support the upkeep of all software applications and systems that are used in the wholesale marketing group. Assist in the development of strategy and policy recommendations to be applied to various markets in the western US such as those created to better integrate renewable and storage assets such as the Western EIM market. Participate in stakeholder processes or other initiatives in organized markets (CAISO) and NERC regions (WECC).

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PNM Resources

SaltHill Group is searching for qualified candidates to fill several open positions with our clients including global energy companies, oil & gas majors, hedge funds, I-Banks, IPPs, proprietary trading firms, utilities, retail energy providers, and market research firms.  We work with companies nationwide.  Sample open positions include:

  • FTR/CRR Traders, Position #1

  • PJM FTR Trader, Position #2

  • West Power Term Trader (Structured Deals Focus), Position #3

  • Lead Real-Time ERCOT Power Trader, Position #4

  • Real-Time Power Trader, Position #5

  • Lead Transmission Analyst (Generation Focus), Position #6

  • Power Trading Analyst (Congestion Focus), Position #7

  • PJM/East Power Trading Strategist (Term Focus), Position #8

  • Renewable Power Market Strategist, Position #9

  • Senior Power Scheduler, Position #10

  • Senior Power Accountant, Position #11

For information on these open positions, please contact by e-mail and visit our website

Salthill Group
191 North Wacker Drive, Suite 2300
Chicago, Illinois 60606

Phone 312-422-1392  

Position #1: FTR/CRR Traders Ė CaISO, ERCOT, MISO, NY, NE, Ontario, PJM or SPP Focus
Position trades in monthly, quarterly and annual auctions.  Required: advanced degree (PhD or masterís required, power engineering preferred), strong fundamental market knowledge, strong modeling and programming skills (power system economics, power flow and dispatch models), and prior profitable trading record trading FTRs/CRRs in a hedging or speculative trading environment.

Position #2: PJM FTR Trader
Position is newly created position and identifies FTR congestion trading opportunities in PJM on a proprietary/speculative basis using fundamental analysis and market knowledge. Responsibilities include building and running optimal power flow models; extracting and analyzing market data; understanding energy market rules, system planning and expansion studies, and power system operations in PJM; and collaborating with other traders and other internal stakeholders. Required: Masterís degree in Electrical Engineering (required) or PhD (preferred); PnL track record with the PJM congestion trading markets (FTRs) is required; Experience in PJM transmission planning/modeling in an ISO, utility, IPP, renewable developer or consulting firm; Experience using optimal power flow models such as PowerWorld, ProMod, GE Maps, PSS/E, UPLAN, DAYZER or similar modeling tools; Excellent MS Access, MS Excel, and Visual Basic skills (required); Knowledge of statistics strongly desired; Excellent written and verbal communication skills.

Position #3: West Power Term Trader (Structured Deals Focus)
Position is a newly created customer-focused role that manages and trades around an asset-backed portfolio of structured transactions (deals from power plants, renewable transactions, load-serving deals, tolling arrangements, etc.). The structured transactions are term focused. Position works closely with the originators and engages with West (CaISO and WECC) trading counterparties to build a flow-business and make liquidity markets, with some ability to take proprietary trading positions. Required: a bachelorís degree in a numerate field (Masterís/MBA degree is a plus); 5+ years of physical and financial power trading experience in CaISO and/or WECC; experience with trading and managing originated and customer flow transactions with consistent profitable trading returns; experience with options and derivative portfolios; strong understanding of the West supply/demand and physical infrastructure fundamentals; experience with a West generator (a plus); experience with the West gas markets; proven ability to build analytical trading tools and price customer transactions; and strong communication skills.

Position #4: Lead Real-Time ERCOT Power Trader
Position focuses primarily on the ERCOT market and is integral to building a new power group from the ground floor. The trading focus will be dealing in the Next-Hour through Next-Day markets and exporting/importing power between ERCOT and Mexico and CaISO and Mexico at the tie-links (bilateral, spread and physical trading). The trading team also moves physical megawatts between NW-CAISO, SW-CAISO, etc.  The Lead Trader is responsible for hiring four additional real-time traders in the future, and it does not require shift hours other than back-up for the four direct reports. The existing power team has a strong background in the West/CaISO markets and is looking to add trading expertise in ERCOT. Responsibilities include: trading Next-Hour through Next-Day in ERCOT; managing four Real-Time Traders with shift schedules; providing data on market conditions to the Cash and Term Traders; establishing and building relationships with counterparties; capturing market opportunities based on real-time positions and analysis of market conditions; working with the Schedulers; and purchasing transmission. Required: a bachelorís degree; 5 yearsí experience in Real-Time power trading; experience moving physical flows; market knowledge in ERCOT; established network of customer and industry contacts; and a successful PnL history with an understanding of risk and reward.

Position #5: Real-Time Power Trader
Position is integral to building a new power group from the ground floor. The trading focus is in the Next-Hour through Next-Day markets, and is exporting/importing power between ERCOT and Mexico and between CaISO and Mexico at the tie-links (bilateral, spread and physical trading). The trading team also moves physical megawatts between NW-CAISO, SW-CAISO, etc. This position requires working shift hours. Responsibilities include: trading Next-Hour through Next-Day in an assigned ISO; providing data on market conditions to the Day-Ahead, Cash and Term Traders; building relationships with counterparties; capturing market opportunities based on real-time positions and analysis of market conditions; purchasing transmission; submitting real-time schedules and bids in ISOís; working with the Schedulers on handoffs; and creating real-time tags for physical transactions. Required: a bachelorís degree; 2-5 yearsí experience in Real-Time power trading; market knowledge in CaISO, ERCOT or SPP (desired); strong understanding of the wholesale power markets including regional supply & demand; experience working with the interconnected bulk power generation and transmission networks; strong analytical skills; Adapt2 experience (a plus); and an understanding of trading risk and reward.  

Position #6: Lead Transmission Analyst (Generation Focus)
Position is responsible for managing the financial and physical transmission congestion risks for a power generation company supporting its FTR team in the PJM and MISO markets. The position uses both data mining and fundamental analysis techniques to support trading decisions in the long-term and monthly FTR auctions, and in Day Ahead and Real Time markets. It also is involved in speculative basis trades in the term and cash markets.  Responsibilities include transmission and congestion research, analysis and forecasting; strategy development in the PJM and MISO FTR auctions; price risk analysis and forecasting; analysis of the electric grid performance in the short- and long-term; production cost, power system and other market simulation modeling for power and FTR trading; and quantitative development of models and trading tools. Required: bachelorís degree in electrical engineering (power systems focus) with 5+ yearsí experience at a utility, IPP, power trading firm, power research firm or ISO as a FTR trader, transmission planning engineer or a congestion analyst with an expertise in the market rules of PJM or MISO (PJM preferred); strong modeling and programming skills; power flow analysis and production cost/dispatch modeling skills using PowerWorld, PSSE, DAYZER, UPLAN,  PROMOD, PSO or PLEXOS, etc.; and programming skills (VBA, Python, R, or C++).

Position #7: Power Trading Analyst (Congestion Focus)
Position is responsible for performing system studies and market simulations using power flow programs and market modeling platforms, and it focuses on ERCOT/MISO/PJM/SPP and other ISOs in the future. Key responsibilities include: analyzing fundamental congestion drivers (load, generation, transmission projects/retirements and outages etc.) and trends in regional power markets; collecting data from various ISO and power markets resources, database maintenance/updates, development of data-analyzing tools and in-depth data analysis; performing scenario and sensitivity analysis and determine portfolio risks, opportunities and returns; helping the traders to build FTR portfolios by developing and executing FTR trading strategies; managing/monitoring FTR portfolios; tracking market policy and regulatory changes; and participating in stakeholder meetings on issues related to congestion and FTRs. Required: a bachelorís degree in Electrical Engineering or related area (Masters of PhD preferred); experience with dispatch or commitment models and production cost models; experience with security-constrained optimal power flow (SCOPF) modeling is a plus; strong familiarity with programming languages for intensive data processing and database management, e.g. Python, R, SQL etc.; good teamwork and communication skills, willing to share and build tools as a team; and ability to handle pressure and tight deadlines in a trading environment. Consideration will be given to recent graduates who have demonstrated strong technical modeling skills via an internship, PhD papers or other research projects.

Position #8: PJM/East Power Trading Strategist (Term Focus)
Position focuses on the East power markets including PJM, MISO, NYISO, and NE-ISO markets. The role works closely with the power traders and power originators to undertake market analytics for the East power markets and to assist with trade idea generation and vetting as well as supporting hedging activities. Key responsibilities include: Being the SME of fundamental market conditions and drivers that impact the power markets in the East ISO regions with a focus on hubs/zones; Conducting fundamental research (regional supply and demand models) and market modeling (day-ahead out 5 years); Undertaking capacity market fundamentals; Evaluating new market builds and retirements; Tracking federal and ISO market rule changes, infrastructure changes and near-term demand and fuel prices; Identifying market inefficiencies, price opportunities and strategies for the traders and originators; Summarizing themes and strategies of suggested trades versus the overall portfolios and broader power markets; Developing trader tools; and Undertaking ad hoc requests from senior traders. Required: a bachelorís degree in a numerate field (Masterís/MBA degree is a plus); 7-10+ years of professional experience with the North American power markets in a power trading commercial environment; experience with analyzing the Cash and Term power markets; strong modeling skills; an understanding of North American power supply/demand and infrastructure fundamentals; proven ability to build analytical trading tools; and ability to think commercially with strong communication skills. The candidate must have market knowledge in PJM, MISO, NYISO or NE-ISO (ideally more than one market). Experience in other ISOs (ERCOT) is a plus.

Position #9: Renewable Power Market Strategist
Position develops and implements solar and solar + battery storage products and markets for utility-scale customers (utilities, munis, community choice aggregation (CCAs), retail energy providers (REPs), etc.). This position reports directly to the Chief Commercial Officer and has daily interaction with Origination, Business Development, and Engineering teams. Responsibilities include creating customer product offerings and structures, pricing, and assisting with customer contract negotiations within the target markets; leading development and management of new products and markets by working with cross-functional teams; identifying strategies for new market entry and product development for solar and battery storage; identifying with Engineering optimized wholesale solar and storage solutions targeting utility-scale customers; developing a new market entry process and tools to assess market attractiveness and customer identification; developing a view of ISO/markets that include generation supply infrastructure assumptions, demand assumptions, congestion, pricing patterns; implementing competitive intelligence tools to assess geographically-advantaged sites for greenfield projects and acquisition opportunities; working with Origination, Business Development, Engineering, and within the Commercial Team to collect and communicate market information, to align sales strategy and to ensure products are correctly positioned within each channel/market; working with Finance to develop an economic business model, ensuring assumptions and market scenarios are properly assessed; and providing updates on product and market performance on an ongoing basis. Required: ability to work in a fast-paced, entrepreneurial (start-up) environment, a bachelorís degree in Finance or related field (MBA or other advanced degree preferred); 5+ yearsí experience with market and product development in the renewable power industry; experience with solar and solar + battery storage is required; strong analytical and financial modeling skills; and extensive communication and teamwork skills with both internal and external stakeholders.

Position #10: Senior Power Scheduler
Position is integral to building a new power group from the ground floor. The trading and scheduling focus is in the Next-Hour through Next-Day markets and is exporting/importing power between ERCOT and Mexico and CaISO and Mexico at the tie-links (bilateral, spread and physical trading). The trading team also be moves physical megawatts between NW-CAISO, SW-CAISO, etc. Responsibilities include: scheduling power to support a physical power trading business; working closely with the power traders; ensuring all tags are implemented; purchasing transmission and working with the traders to monitor market trends around transmission; building and maintaining relationships with external schedulers and trading counterparties; working with the back-office/middle-office teams to ensure accurate accounting, billing and settlement activity; training other power schedulers; and being involved with building processes, procedures and reports for new power scheduling function including system work with Adapt2. Required: a bachelorís degree; 5+ yearsí experience in power scheduling supporting a speculative physical power trading operation; market knowledge in CaISO, ERCOT or SPP (a plus); an established network of customer and industry contacts (a plus); experience working with the interconnected bulk power generation and transmission networks; strong analytical skills; Adapt2 experience (a plus); and excellent customer service and problem-solving skills.  

Position #11: Senior Power Accountant
Position supports power trading operations in the ERCOT and CaISO markets. Responsibilities include maintaining the general ledger (reconciliations, journal entries, accruals, etc.); assisting in the preparation of financial statements, forecasts and management reports; performing variance analysis for revenue and expenses; analyzing cash flows; working closely with Settlements on invoicing of counterparties; identifying and implementing process improvements; and interacting with international office in Mexico. Required: a bachelorís degree in Accounting (CPA preferred); 7+ yearsí experience in power corporate accounting; experience with CaISO and ERCOT markets (preferred but other ISOs will be considered); experience with Carbon GHG accounting (a plus); strong Excel skills; experience with Adapt2 (a plus); and fluency in Spanish (a plus).


ACES provides a broad suite of energy trading and risk management services. ACES has the following exciting opportunities available.


Portfolio Performance Analyst
Location: Carmel, IN

The Portfolio Analytics team has a significant quantity of organized data, both client specific data and general market data, which the Portfolio Performance Analyst adds insight and meaning to through their work. The Analyst will be responsible for providing analysis and insight into actual economic performance of client portfolios to the Traders, other internal teams, as well as external clients through regular reporting and ad hoc analysis. The Portfolio Performance Analyst will interface frequently with the Traders, creating a feedback loop to aid in decision-making. The Analyst will have the opportunity to be innovative with their work, by creating new performance metrics, new methods of analysis and new data tools in an effort to provide both internal and external clients further insight into the data and data trends. The Analyst will be responsible for collaborating with Information Delivery when new data needs arise, including leading the solution design process, and will regularly work with Information Delivery to ensure data is accurate and up to date.



  • Bachelorís Degree in Economics, Statistics, Mathematics, Engineering, Accounting, Finance, Computer Science or appropriate discipline

  • 2+ years of ISO/RTO or relevant industry experience

  • Knowledge of PJM and MISO RTO settlements preferred

  • Working knowledge of statistics and their application to creative problem solving

  • Familiarity with data practices including database structure, reading and writing SQL queries, and reporting from multiple systems

  • Programming experience in VBA, R and/or Python preferred

  • Strong ability to work with teams and coordinate contributions of others to achieve results

  • Demonstrated knowledge and understanding of buying and selling commodities (e.g. natural gas, electricity) and related products (e.g. capacity, emissions, ancillary services), including transactions involving multiple control areas and transmission or transportation service

  • A proactive individual with the ability to identify, prioritize and solve multiple problems in a timely and effective manner

  • Ability to understand, assimilate, and communicate information effectively in both an oral and written manner

  • Ability to interface and manage requests and projects involving various ACES departments, including Traders, Portfolio Strategy, Portfolio Modeling, Information Technology, Settlements, Regulatory and other departments

  • Competence in using Microsoft Excel, Word, and PowerPoint and familiarity with ACES systems