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Power Trader, Real-Time
Location: Bellevue, WA


Provides asset optimization services including; portfolio management, system monitoring, resource scheduling, and the execution of real-time energy transactions on behalf of The Energy Authority and its Members and Partners.


● Simultaneously manages portfolios in real-time for multiple clients

o Forecasts hourly loads

o Analyzes energy and transmission alternatives to optimize profits and ensure delivery

o Interacts with the market participants to develop, negotiate, and execute opportunistic business transactions that create value for the company

o Evaluates the current value of thermal and storage resources relative to the market

o Evaluate market conditions and develop trading strategies to optimize the use of available resources

o Coordinate client and intra-TEA communications on power supply needs and transactions

● Monitors real-time data feeds to provide timely and reliable response to changing portfolio conditions including:

o SCADA alarm system

o PowerBiz

o Real-time system metering

o iCRS

● Coordinates the scheduling of resources to serve system obligations

o Scheduling of energy and reserve transactions

o Tagging of energy transactions

o Manage transmission reservations and negotiate transmission sales / purchases

o Pro-actively pursues transmission opportunities on behalf of Members, Partners and TEA

o Coordinate between clients, counterparties, control areas and transmission providers to ensure the reliable receipt and delivery of power

● Maintains working knowledge of Trading environment including:

o Client’s resource and obligation mix

o Current tagging methodologies and requirements

o Current scheduling methodologies and requirements

o Current applications, web sites, spreadsheets and other tools needed to effectively manage the portfolios under their control

● Data Entry Tasks

o Accurately records purchase and sale transactions on appropriate blotters or trade tickets and ensures that all necessary transaction details are entered into TEA’s deal capture system

o Obtains market discoveries and market clearing prices

o Confirms hourly transactions, including total MWh’s, transaction price, Point of Receipt or Point of Delivery with counter-parties in order to ensure accuracy


Work on a rotating 12-hour shift to provide trading coverage on a 7/24/365 day basis and be prepared to provide trading support during natural disasters, at back up facility, and/or team related emergencies. This position may be called on to fill in for other trading floor positions (Support Specialist, Day-Ahead Power Management Specialist, etc.) when needed. Provide training and support to new traders and support specialists about TEA business practices, processes, and procedures. Ensure that all relevant aspects including energy price, transmission, counter party contractual and credit limits terms, are in compliance with TEA’s and member risk policies (if applicable).


Bachelors’ degree from a four year accredited college or university required, advanced degree a plus. Previous experience in the energy industry and with trade capture systems is a plus.













  • Customer Focus

  • Integrity

  • Teamwork

  • Ownership

  • Excellence





SaltHill Group is searching for qualified candidates to fill several open positions with our clients including global energy companies, oil & gas majors, hedge funds, I-Banks, IPPs, proprietary trading firms, utilities, retail energy providers, and market research firms.  We work with companies nationwide.  Sample open positions include:

  • Head of Congestion Trading, Position #1

  • FTR/CRR Traders, Position #2

  • Virtuals Trader (CalSO, MISO, or PJM), Position #3

  • Power Originator, Position #4

  • Senior Power Transmission Analyst, Position #5

  • Energy Quantitative Trading Strategist, Position #6

  • Lead Data Scientist, Position #7

  • Trading Data Scientist, Position #8

  • Load Forecasting Analyst, Position #9

  • Renewable Power Settlement & Revenue Manager, Position #10

  • Energy (Electricity) Markets Controller, Position #11

For information on these open positions, please contact by e-mail and visit our website

SaltHill Group
191 North Wacker Drive, Suite 2300
Chicago, Illinois 60606
Phone 312-422-1392  

Position #1: Head of Congestion Trading
Position will build-out the congestion trading platform (FTRs, CRRs, TCCs, Virtual Bidding) across all ISOs (PJM, NYISO, NEISO, MISO, SPP, ERCOT, CaISO). Key responsibilities include building analytical tools (power system economics, power flow and dispatch models) to be used by congestion and speculative trade desks; hiring a team of transmission analysts and FTR traders; and developing and executing FTR and CRR strategies to trade in monthly, quarterly and annual auctions.  Required: bachelor’s degree (Power Engineering preferred); ability to execute the directive of building out a strategy; strong commercial understanding of the North American transmission trading environment with an analytical understanding of the modeling aspect of the business; strong fundamental market knowledge of the grid and market rules in all ISOs; and experience running a profitable congestion trading business.

Position #2: FTR/CRR Traders – CaISO, ERCOT, MISO, NY, NE, Ontario, PJM or SPP Focus
Position builds out an FTR trading platform/desk, including analytics (power system economics, power flow and dispatch models) to trade in monthly, quarterly and annual auctions.  Required: advanced degree (PhD or Masters required, power engineering preferred), strong fundamental market knowledge, strong modeling and programming skills, and prior profitable trading record trading FTRs/CRRs in a hedging or speculative trading environment.

Position #3: Virtuals Trader (CaISO, MISO or PJM)
Position is responsible for developing the CaISO, MISO or PJM Virtuals trade seat (conceptualizing, developing, and back-testing the trade strategies, trade execution and risk management of the book). Required: bachelor’s degree; experience with the market fundamentals of CaISO, MISO or PJM; strong modeling skills; and a historical PnL track record of $1M trading CaISO, MISO or PJM Virtuals.


Position #4: Power Originator
focus is to market renewable power (wind, solar, battery storage) in the PJM and Midwest (MISO) regions. The customer focus is off-take arrangements, hedges and REC transaction to utilities, coops and munis, large C&I customers and power marketers. Required: bachelor’s degree; relevant experience in traditional or renewable generation; well-versed in the current market dynamics; a rolodex of contacts and 3+ years of executing power or renewable originated transactions (PPAs, hedges, RECs).


Position #5: Senior Power Transmission Analyst
Position provides analytical support for the senior nodal traders and their portfolios.  Responsibilities include running production cost models / power flow models; providing transmission and congestion research; forecasting nodal power prices; and identifying trade strategies for the FTR / CRR auctions.  Required: Masters or PhD in Electrical Engineering (power systems focus) with 3-7 years’ experience in transmission planning, power engineering or congestion analysis at a utility, IPP, power trading firm power research firm or ISO; expert knowledge in the market rules of one or more of the following regions (PJM, NYISO, ISO-NE, CaISO, ERCOT or SPP); power fundamental modeling skills; and experience using UPLAN, PowerWorld, Dayzer, PROMOD or PSSE. Advanced technology skills desired for data mining purposes and building trading tools.

Position #6: Energy Quantitative Trading Strategist
is part of a power trading team that trades in the nodal and ICE/OTC power markets, and uses financial engineering techniques with its existing fundamental analytics to drive trading strategy and commercial decisions. Key responsibilities are to identify trade signals in the power data (price patterns, generation, congestion, load) using statistical analysis (time series, regression and machine learning techniques) and portfolio construction and optimization skills. Required: an advanced degree (Masters or PhD) in a quantitative field (financial engineering, math, statistics, etc.); and 2+ years of front-office quantitative experience in a trading environment (financial or energy markets) with a focus on working with Big Data and trading signal generation.

Position #7: Lead Data Scientist
Position is part of a load forecasting team for a retail energy provider, and it leads projects to analyze complex load data at a customer, ISO market level, product and weather level.  Position will be responsible for recommending actionable strategies for customer segmentation and profiling, marketing, the supply desk, settlements, pricing, etc., which will have a direct impact on commercial decisions. It requires advanced skills in statistical analysis and data science (Python, Pandas, SKLearn) and the ability to extract/analyze large datasets, apply fundamental knowledge/research to evaluate risk, and develop front-end visualization applications.  Required: an advanced degree (Masters, PhD) in mathematics, statistics, economics, engineering, data science, physics or computer science; 3-5 years of professional experience in the wholesale power or retail electricity markets with an emphasis on data science skills and leveraging large datasets to generate insight in support of the business; experience with electricity ISO markets required (ERCOT or PJM market knowledge preferred); advanced programming skills for relational databases, including Oracle SQL; scripting / object-oriented coding including Python, SAS, R, and VBA required; Experience processing and analyzing raw data; skills in “Big Data” tools, including Hadoop / Hive and visualization tools including Spotfire or Tableau; ability to lead and manage projects to completion; and strong communication skills to present results and make recommendations to upper management.

Position #8: Trading Data Scientist
Position creates sophisticated statistical algorithms that produce predictive signals for the commercial trading organization.  These algorithms and related trade signals will drive trading strategy and commercial decisions.  Key responsibilities include extracting, analyzing and managing data from complex and disparate sources, including data lake built by the Technology team: applying rigorous machine learning, statistical analysis, regression and optimization techniques to data to identify signals and predictive patterns; generating hypotheses and analyzing data to test and interpret results and to evaluate and test trading strategies; developing, testing and implementing new tools to be used by the trading team; working with Technology team to communicate analytical and modeling results in a dashboard format to Traders; and researching and evaluating new technologies/tools associated with Big Data.  Required: advanced degree (PhD strongly desired with strong academic performance) in an applied quantitative field (math, physics, computer science, engineering or statistics); 4+ years' experience in Big Data analysis and predictive modeling in a trading environment (trading, quantitative trading or high frequency trading); strong background in statistics and probability; professional experience with machine learning used for prediction, classification and anomaly detection; experience with natural language processing (NLP) for analyzing unstructured data is desired; excellent programming skills (Python preferred, C++, C# and R considered) and advanced knowledge of scripting; ability to write and optimize database queries to extract and analyze large data sets; and strong communication skills.

Position #9: Load Forecasting Analyst
evaluates and enhances existing load forecasting models used in the short- and long-term load forecasting process, and develops new load forecasting models for the electricity and gas load.  The position examines the accuracy of the existing models by comparing the forecast to actual results, identifies and implements new assumptions and calculations in the model and tests new models to be used by the team in daily operations. Additional data mining is done for customer profiling and segmentation purposes. This position supports and interacts with multiple teams; stakeholders include load forecasters, portfolio management, supply trading, risk and marketing. Required: an advanced degree (Masters degree) in Mathematics, Computer Science, Economics, Engineering, Statistics or other quantitative field; 3-5 years' experience in a statistical load forecasting role; strong mathematical and statistical modeling skills; knowledge of regression modeling neural-networks, regression, time series, etc.); advanced SQL coding skills with exposure to R, Matlab and/or Stata; understanding of deregulated retail or wholesale power and/or gas markets and customer profiling and segmentation; and ability to research industry trends and extract and analyze large data sets and use Big Data / Data Science concepts.

Position #10: Renewable Power Settlement & Revenue Manager
Position manages an ISO power settlements and billing team covering multiple ISO markets and structured power transactions for a renewable power generation company (optimizing wind, solar and battery storage assets). Team is responsible for settlement and reconciliation of wholesale physical/financial transactions (wholesale physical power, renewable energy credits (RECs), imbalance of settlements); invoicing counterparties and paying monthly invoices; and ensuring all transactions, P&L and third-party settlements are represented accurately in the ETRM and accounting systems. Required: bachelor’s degree in Finance or related field; 7+ years’ experience with ISO power settlements and 3+ years’ supervisor, manager or team lead experience; strong IT skills; good knowledge of ISO power markets within PJM, the northeast and ERCOT; experience working with originators, traders, accounting and middle office; knowledge of wholesale markets is preferred; and exceptional communication skills.

Position #11: Energy (Electricity) Markets Controller
Position is a hands-on Controller for a retail electricity provider and is responsible for monthly general ledger accounting, monthly and quarterly accounting close processes, financial statement preparation and other reporting, cash flow analysis, assisting the CFO with treasury activities, liaison to the external auditors, managing accounting policy decisions, and overall accounting processes (automation, streamlining, etc.).  Required: bachelor’s degree in Accounting or Finance (required); advanced degree preferred; CPA license is strongly preferred; 8+ years’ corporate accounting experience in the retail electricity, renewables or wholesale power & gas trading industries, including supervisory responsibilities; strong accounting and analytical skills; knowledge of US GAAP and IFRS required; strong Excel skills and ability to manage large data sets; and excellent communication skills and ability to work in a lean, start-up environment in a hands-on and independent manner.



Real Time Marketer II


Primary Purpose:
Under general supervision, conducts and schedules asset-backed and proprietary energy transactions in real time to optimize the profitability of the merchant generation portfolio and contribute to power desk revenue. Analyzes and executes opportunities in multiple ISO markets including virtual bids, point-to-points, up-to-congestion and/or other transactions types.

Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Executes real-time transactions (via ISOs, bulletin boards, electronic exchanges, telephone, brokers, etc.)
    for physical and financial hourly and daily energy products.

  • Works as part of a team to manage and optimize generation portfolio based on unit commitment plans, risk management principles, and factors not included in the modeling (e.g., changes in price, market depth, plant availability, weather, etc.) on a real time basis.

  • Supports the day ahead electricity trading/scheduling function as needed.

  • Manages the gas trading/scheduling functions on various pipelines during nights/weekends.

  • Monitors real-time schedule adjustments and coordinates with market participants to account for deviations.

  • Coordinates with the day ahead staff as needed to resolve RT schedule issues, adjustments, etc.

  • Monitor NERC e-Tags for accuracy and adjustments.

  • Provide power schedule updates and operational guidance power plant staff and analyzes market conditions preparing ad hoc reports as needed.

  • Responsible for operating the real time desk in a manner that ensures compliance with all appropriate NERC reliability standards and Sempra Infrastructure procedures.

  • Participates in Sempra Infrastructure’s compliance program.

• Bachelor's Degree in Engineering, Economics, Accounting, Finance, Business, or Marketing. 

• 3+ years of experience in the electric power industry, including 3 or more years of experience in energy transactions, scheduling, or equivalent training and/or experience. 

Skills, Knowledge, and Abilities:
• Advanced knowledge of economic, financial, and physical principles governing energy transactions. 
• Knowledge of power plant operating characteristics and constraints. 
• Knowledge of credit matters and risk management principles. 
• Ability and willingness to work rotating 12 hour shifts to achieve 24 hour desk coverage. 
• Able to work on a call out basis and cover additional shifts during co-worker absences. 
• General knowledge of energy markets, including market principles, trends, behaviors, counterparties, electric transmission grids, natural gas pipelines, transaction practices, scheduling procedures, and other operational requirements. Advanced
• Good understanding and use of optimization models, scheduling interfaces, control area operator information systems, databases, spreadsheets, and other computer based systems. 
• Good analytical, negotiation and interpersonal skills. 
• Ability to work on a closely integrated team. 
• Refers to policies and practices for guidance. 
• Develops solutions to a variety of problems of moderate scope and complexity. 

To Apply:




Real Time Manager


Primary Purpose:

Responsible for the asset optimization and proprietary trading goals of the Sempra Real-Time Desk. Supervises and manages the 24x7 staffed real-time desk and responsible for ensuring Sempra remains in compliance with various regulatory requirements.  Coordinates the management of Sempra's fleet of assets with the Remote Operation Center and West Power and West Gas teams. Develops and executes strategy for continued growth in existing and new markets. Responsible for ERCOT market strategy and short and long-term positions. Supports Renewables development activities in various markets.


Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Supports the optimization of the real-time power portfolio based on volatility, risk management principles, and other factors including changes in price, plant availability, and weather.  

  • Manage trading activities to ensure compliance with plan and achievement of objectives. Monitors exposures and volatility, maximizing profit potential when possible.

  • Develops new business that fits the broader portfolio. Ensures accurate entry of real time desks transaction into an electronic deal capture system. Monitors credit limits with each counterparty.

  • Supervises 5 real time marketers and responsible for maintaining and developing existing or new standard operating procedures on behalf of the real-time desk. 

  • Supports the evaluation of proposed transactions to determine economics and portfolio fit.

  • Oversees the creation of accurate transactional summaries and market price summaries for monthly and ad hoc reports.

  • Helps develop processes and updates to software platforms to support Sempra's strategy for building and optimizing the term portfolio.

  • Manages the selection and implementation of Sempra's vendors for trading related products (forecasting, data analysis, etc.).

  • Responsible for ERCOT Power portfolio and managing short and long-term positions

  • Supports the development activities of the Renewables team and provides subject matter expertise on market opportunities

  • Conducts customer outreach and evaluates external bilateral opportunities with Marketing & Policy Manager 

  • Expert in the tariffs, regulations, and accounting for all assets under management.

  • Participates as needed to promote and support company objectives in various industry forums.

  • Performs other duties as assigned (no more than 5% of duties).



• Bachelor's Degree Engineering, Business Administration, Finance or Accounting.


• 7+ Related experience in energy industry or equivalent training and/or experience.
•  Experience as team lead or supervisor.


Skills and Abilities:
•  Knowledge of Microsoft Suite of Applications
•  Demonstrated self-starter able to work well with limited supervision.
•  Ability to perform appropriate research, analyze options, make informed decisions and execute
•  Knowledge and proficiency with ENDUR trade capture system.


To Apply:




Senior Portfolio Analyst #98930

Puget Sound Energy’s Power Supply Operations is looking for a Senior Portfolio Analyst to join our team. This position is responsible for supporting PSE’s participation in Western organized markets. This role will ensure that PSE’s interests are adequately represented in market design technical workshops and forums. In addition, the Senior Portfolio Analyst will serve as a technical resource to inform PSE’s organized market trading strategies. PSE is an Equal Opportunity Employer, including Protected Veterans and those with Disabilities.

Read more about these opportunities and apply online to ad #98930 at



ACES provides a broad suite of energy trading and risk management services. ACES has the following exciting opportunities available.


Hourly Trader
Location: Raleigh, NC

This position will be responsible for the management of generation and native load requirements of any participating member or client. This position will be accountable for generation and load scheduling, demand side management, transmission purchases, energy transactions, market interaction, hourly sales of member’s generation or contract resources and purchasing as required.



  • Bachelor’s degree in business or a related field or an Associate’s degree with applicable power trading experience from an institution accredited by an accrediting agency recognized by the US Department of Education. 

  • Previous business experience preferred to include price negotiation, data analysis and customer service.

  • Demonstrated proficiency in computers, specifically Microsoft Excel.

  • Competence with mathematics and technical concepts.

  • High degree of analytical, attention to detail and organization skills.

  • Effective written and oral communication skills as well as computer skills.

  • Application and use of critical thinking skills.


Reliability Compliance Training Specialist
Location: Carmel, IN

This position is responsible for developing training and providing NERC compliance assistance to ACES and its Members.  This position is responsible for the analysis, design, development, implementation, and evaluation of computer-based training courses for ACES and its Members, including the support and use of the ACES Learning Management System (LMS).  Additional duties include monitoring NERC reliability standards, reporting on NERC compliance activities, and developing corporate training as needed.



  • Bachelor's Degree in a related area

  • 5+ years of related work experience preferred (NERC, compliance, system operations, or training)

  • Strong project management, verbal and written communications skills

  • Strong analytical, organizational, and interpersonal skills

  • Ability to establish credibility with industry experts, staff, and member staff

  • Proficient in electronic and web-based education development and delivery

  • Strong presentation and facilitation skills

  • Knowledge of adult learning principles, training methodologies, and best practices

  • Must be  detail oriented and a team player

  • Must be self-motivated, eager to learn new tasks/jobs, and have ability to work independently


SQL Developer / Sr. SQL Developer
Location: Carmel, IN

This position is responsible for database and ETL application analysis, design, development, modification, implementation, and support. Additionally, this position is responsible for data modeling design and implementation. This position will need experience with the database and ETL tools in use at ACES including Oracle database, SQL Server database, and SQL Server Integration services. Responsibilities include creating and maintaining a stable and functional database and ETL application environment by working with external vendors, external support staff, and ACES staff. 



  • Bachelor of Science in Computer Science or related degree.

  • Three or more years of SQL application development and implementation experience.

  • Three or more years of ETL application development and implementation experience.

  • Three or more years of data modeling and database design experience.

  • Experience with SQL language development on both Oracle and SQL Server databases

  • Ability to effectively manage multiple assignments.

  • Ability to solve problems and troubleshoot issues quickly and effectively.

  • Customer service orientation.

  • Strong interpersonal and organizational skills.

  • SQL Server or Oracle administration experience a plus.





Energy Solutions Developer – Federal Discipline

Open Location


Client is one of the largest and most respected energy services companies in the U.S., utilizes design-build and performance-based contracting vehicles to deliver energy and maintenance savings as well as significant infrastructure upgrades to existing Federal facilities.


Looking for a Business Developer to sell complex energy efficiency projects within the Federal Government.


As a Senior Account Executive, you’ll be involved in the following:

  • Experience selling and marketing of energy infrastructure solutions in the federal sector through performance-based Federal IDIQ contracts

  • Identify new business opportunities, markets and cultivate new customer prospects

  • Develop new RFP/RFQ opportunities

  • Work on highly competitive RFP/RFQ responses in a primary authorship role

  • Coordinate with internal project development teams and others throughout the sales cycle

  • Account management to maintain relationships with existing customers and drive new business to help customer meet Federal goals or unfunded site infrastructure requirements through performance-based energy savings contracts


Experience / Qualifications

  • Experience in the Federal ESPC, UESC, Energy Management and/or Design/Build market

  • Experience with complex sale cycles that include complex financial arrangements

  • Exceptional public speaking and presentation skills required

  • The ability to travel


If you are interested, contact Scott Brownholtz @ 916.649.3200 –




Demand Response Senior Director

Open Location


OVERVIEW - The Demand Response (DR) Business Lead is responsible for developing and executing the strategy for the DR business line in the utility and end-use channels across North America.


MUST HAVE experience in Distributed Energy Resources and Demand Response


The DR Business Lead is responsible for meeting revenue targets. You will be the leader of our DR / DERs activities and directs a team of functional experts in the DR/DERs business line. Responsibilities include strategic leadership, technology evaluation, DER / DR program design, business development support, program startup and ongoing expert support for the regional team.



  • Directing program designs for sectors such as Residential, SMB and C&I as well as informing required resources for delivery of contracts.

  • Manage a team of five demand response consultants.

  • Oversee the development of DR sales pipeline.

  • Review DR financials including portfolio P&L/business line operating costs/new project budgets.

  • Support contract negotiations between company and utility clients.



  • Strong business management and business development acumen.

  • Energy industry experience, at least five of which are in demand response, demand management or distributed energy resources.

  • Direct program delivery experience in energy efficiency, demand response, distributed energy resources and/or demand management.


If you are interested, contact Scott Brownholtz @ 916.649.3200 –




Business Development Director – Energy Development



This individual will be responsible for driving the growth of well-positioned Energy Finance/Project Development Firm. The candidate will recruit new channel partners and drive increased volume from the company’s existing energy services company and contractor partners. The candidate will also manage and implement targeted direct sales efforts to multi-site industrial, commercial and institutional customers. We are seeking a highly motivated candidate with a track record of meeting and exceeding business development targets in the energy efficiency, renewable energy, retail energy or other relevant industries.


Duties & Responsibilities

The candidate’s responsibilities will include:


  • Developing and closing energy efficiency deals

  • Identifying, qualifying, developing and executing channel partner relationships with ESCOs, energy contractors, equipment suppliers, energy retailers, and other promising channels

  • Managing and implementing go-to-market strategies that efficiently allocate resources to best accelerate the building of pipeline and execution of profitable projects


Experience & Qualifications

Successful experience in an energy efficiency development role, meeting sales targets and developing strong relationships with channel partner. The successful individual will also need to demonstrate:

  • Experience selling energy-related solutions into the C&I vertical markets

  • Success selling value vs. price - financial solution sales

  • Ability to present to executive board-level professionals

  • Solutions oriented individual that can excel in a start-up environment

For confidential consideration call Scott Brownholtz directly @ 916-649-3200 –