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Director of Engineering – Federal ESPC

Remote Location


Client is one of the largest and most respected energy services companies in the U.S., utilizing design-build and performance-based contracting vehicles to deliver energy and maintenance savings and significant infrastructure upgrades to Federal facilities.


The Director of Engineering will report to the SVP and will lead/manage engineering and development teams performing development over a portfolio of energy savings projects. Responsible for engineering/financial leadership support of all ESPC engineering activities.



  • Overall performance of the Federal Engineering Group

  • Provide mentoring and leadership to the engineering group

  • Assess group capabilities and optimize staffing and assignment of resources

  • Lead engineering group to ensure that creative and cost effective energy conservation measures are identified, developed and completed on time and on budget

  • Flawless collaboration with leadership and other internal departments, including sales, business development, energy conservation engineering, construction, commissioning, measurement & verification and Central Plant O&M

  • Actively recruit new talent and retain top talent



  • Education - BS Engineering/equivalent

  • 10+ years’ experience in HVAC and EMS Design, and/or energy analysis

  • Experience in managing multiple technical teams

  • Experience with CHP, HVAC, and control systems preferred

  • Experience in FEMP Measurement &Verification protocols preferred


If you are interested, contact Scott Brownholtz @ 916.649.3200 –




Project Development Manager – Federal

Remote location


Client is one of the largest and most respected energy services companies in the U.S., utilizes design-build and performance-based contracting vehicles to deliver energy and maintenance savings as well as significant infrastructure upgrades to existing Federal facilities.


The Project Development Manager will manage teams and Project Developers performing development over a portfolio of energy savings projects. Responsible for technical/financial leadership support of sales activities, financial modeling of energy performance contracts, proposal writing and review/QC management and coordination of proposal team.


Leadership Scope:

  • Technical knowledge and experience to evaluate a full spectrum of energy savings opportunities

  • Conduct preliminary walk-through of customer facilities to determine project viability

  • Present the business case proposal for oral interviews and customer board meetings

  • Lead the Financial Modeling team of ESPC

  • Review Energy Conservation Measures (ECMs) provided by the Energy Engineers

  • Review the ECM Write-Ups and other technical proposal sections provided by the Energy Engineers

  • Coordinate the proposal document strategy and tactics with the Account Executives



  • Coordinate all audit, engineering and proposal efforts

  • Bachelor’s degree required, preferably in an engineering or technical discipline Experience in the energy engineering field

  • Experience in leading the development of Federal Energy Savings Performance Contract projects

  • Comprehensive knowledge of federal ESPC IDIQ and MATOC contract vehicles


If you are interested, contact Scott Brownholtz @ 916.649.3200 –




Client Services Manager
CAISO Market Region



The Client Services Manager (CSM) reports to the Chief Client Officer. This position is primarily responsible for managing the relationship between The Energy Authority (TEA) and its clients, as well as providing internal leadership for service deployment and capabilities in business development. The CSM serves as liaison between TEA’s service lines and its clients. The CSM is responsible for ensuring client satisfaction, providing quality assurance on deliverables to clients, and providing feedback internally to ensure ongoing improvement. The CSM will support the Chief Client Officer in business development activities, which may include: creating regional marketing plans; identifying new prospects for business development, both within TEA’s existing client base and with new clients; leading business development efforts; and collecting/disseminating market intelligence.

This position is responsible for a wide range of duties and tasks associated with helping design, develop and implement TEA’s services to existing and prospective clients in the CAISO market. The CSM may also provide subject matter expertise in the capacity of Product Owner relating to the design, development and implementation of day-ahead and real-time market services for TEA’s CAISO operations, including market interactions, market monitoring, and reporting requirements for internal and client consumption. This individual may also assist with settlement and regulatory compliance, as well as assist with business development activities which may include creating marketing plans, identifying and contacting new prospects for business development and collecting/disseminating market intelligence. Ideal candidate will reside in the CAISO market region.


The ideal candidate will possess the following skills:

  • Deep understanding of CAISO market

  • Experience trading in Congestion Revenue Right and Resource Adequacy markets

  • Experience in energy resource procurement and power purchase contract negotiation

  • Knowledge of registration and regulatory requirements in CAISO

  • Understanding of CAISO settlement charge types and processes

  • Experience working with public power entities and Community Choice Aggregations (CCAs)

  • Strong interpersonal skills and experience communicating complex concepts to coworkers, clients, and prospects

  • Strong attention and focus on detail as well as business processes


The following additional skills/experience are desired:

  • Understanding of CCA business model and understanding of the challenges facing new CCAs

  • Familiarity with WECC region Energy Imbalance Market initiatives

  • Understanding of western power markets and relationship to CAISO

  • Project management experience

  • Understanding of regional RPS and carbon markets

  • Relationships with public power, the CCA community and key CAISO market participants

  • Knowledge of CAISO transmission grid

  • Experience in structuring and pricing power purchase agreements with an emphasis on renewable generating assets and Resource Adequacy Capacity

  • Financial and accounting experience

  • Experience managing hydro generation preferably in California

  • Thermal and renewable asset management

  • Business development/origination experience



This position involves ongoing Project Management responsibilities




  • Minimum of five years of CAISO related trading experience preferred

  • Bachelor's degree from a four-year accredited college or university is required; major in a technical or business-related discipline highly desired; MBA or other advanced degree is a plus

  • Experience with RTOs highly desired; experience trading financial energy products is a plus

  • Strong technical skills with Microsoft Office Products (especially Excel); and programming skills in Visual Basic are highly desired



The ideal candidate will possess the following competencies:

  • Adaptability: ability to accept change readily, both in job responsibilities as well as in the work environment

  • Achievement: ability to focus on results and a commitment to continuous learning: Setting high goals, striving to improve performance and maintaining a level of excellence, and taking chances and trying new approaches to accomplish a task

  • Communication: ability and willingness to communicate openly and honestly with others

  • Conceptual Thinking: ability to reach innovative solutions by taking a holistic, abstract, or theoretical perspective

  • Systems & Technology Use: ability to use tools and resources that are available, to minimize time spent on administrative tasks

  • Leadership: ability to be motivate, influence, and support others to accomplish team and organizational goals

  • Financial Analysis: ability to acquire and translate complex information into actionable results



The ideal candidate will possess the following values:

  • Ownership

  • Client focus

  • Excellence

  • Integrity

  • Teamwork



NERC Operator certification is a plus.



Ability to utilize and/or develop packaged and in-house developed software tools and systems such as: Microsoft Office software and Internet access. Experience with production cost modeling is beneficial. Knowledge of Qlikview, Velocity Suite, CXL, OATI, RTO Market Portal Web-based systems, and OASIS Transmission Web-based system. Participation in testing of new systems and assistance in developing and/or revising IT tools.


Candidate will be a self-starter with the ability to work effectively without direct supervision in a fast paced, multi-tasking environment with time deadlines. Position involves extensive spreadsheet and database computer skills. Strong problem solving, analytical and conflict resolution skills are a must. Candidate will be able to effectively interact across all levels of the trading organization.





SaltHill Group is searching for qualified candidates to fill several open positions with our clients including global energy companies, oil & gas majors, hedge funds, I-Banks, IPPs, proprietary trading firms, utilities, retail energy providers, and market research firms.  We work with companies nationwide.  Sample open positions include:

  • FTR/CRR Traders, Position #1

  • PJM FTR Trader, Position #2

  • Virtuals Trader (CaISO, MISO or PJM), Position #3

  • FTR Trading Strategist, Position #4

  • Director, Asset Management (Power Plants), Position #5

  • Senior Fundamentals Analyst, Position #6

  • Power Trading Analyst, Position #7

  • Power & Gas Derivative Structuring Quant, Position #8

  • Data Scientist, Position #9

For information on these open positions, please contact by e-mail and visit our website

SaltHill Group
191 North Wacker Drive, Suite 2300
Chicago, Illinois 60606
Phone 312-422-1392  

Position #1: FTR/CRR Traders – CaISO, ERCOT, MISO, NY, NE, Ontario, PJM or SPP Focus
Position trades in monthly, quarterly and annual auctions.  Required: advanced degree (PhD or Masters required, power engineering preferred), strong fundamental market knowledge, strong modeling and programming skills (power system economics, power flow and dispatch models), and prior profitable trading record trading FTRs/CRRs in a hedging or speculative trading environment.

Position #2: PJM FTR Trader
An energy trading firm is searching for an experienced PJM FTR to help start an FTR Trading Desk. The team will consist of a trader, transmission analyst, quantitative professional and software engineer. The PJM FTR team will be constructing an FTR portfolio to leverage congestion risk with trades rooted in the fundamentals (deep understanding around power system economics and power flow drivers).  The PJM FTR Trader will also be involved in future initiatives to expand into new ISO markets. Required: Masters or PhD degree (ideally in Electrical Engineering with a power systems focus); 2+ years of profitable trading PJM FTRs at a power trading firm, utility, or IPP; expert knowledge in the market rules of the PJM region; power fundamental modeling skills; experience using a production modeling tools, PowerWorld and the ability to work with large data sets. Advanced technology skills desired for data mining purposes and building trading tools.

Position #3: Virtuals Trader (CaISO, MISO or PJM)
Position is responsible for developing the CaISO, MISO or PJM Virtuals trade seat (conceptualizing, developing, and back-testing the trade strategies, trade execution and risk management of the book). Required: bachelor’s degree; experience with the market fundamentals of CaISO, MISO or PJM; strong modeling skills; and a historical PnL track record of $1M trading CaISO, MISO or PJM Virtuals.

Position #4: FTR Trading Strategist
Position provides analytical support for the senior nodal traders and their portfolios (trading in the nodal and ICE/OTC power markets across all ISOs). Key responsibilities include running production cost models / power flow models; providing transmission and congestion research; forecasting nodal power prices; and identifying trade strategies for the FTR / CRR auctions. Required: Master’s or PhD in Electrical Engineering (power systems focus) with 3-7 years’ experience in transmission planning, power engineering or congestion analysis at a utility, IPP, power trading firm power research firm or ISO; expert knowledge in the market rules of one or more of the following regions (PJM, NYISO, ISO-NE, MISO, CaISO, ERCOT or SPP); power fundamental modeling skills; and experience using UPLAN, PowerWorld, Dayzer, PROMOD or PSSE. Advanced technology skills desired for data mining purposes and building trading tools. 

Position #5: Director, Asset Management (Power Plants)
Position has overall PNL responsibility for three Northeast power plants (NYISO and ISONE ISO markets). Position is responsible for maximizing the profitability of power generation assets located in the Northeast by evaluating operations, developing strategic plans and executing short- and long-term objectives.


  • Strategy: Set the asset strategy to optimize and commercialize the market position of 3 gas-fired power plants.

  • Financial Management: Develop and implement strategic plan, forecasting, reporting and KPIs. Involved with managing the power plants, PnL and budget in compliance with finance arrangements/debt covenants.

  • Plant Operations: Oversees plant operations including O&M contractors and other contractual arrangements. Develop operating and capital budgets for plants.

  • Fuel Procurement: Responsible for fuel procurement and transportation supply chain including contracts and business relationships.

  • Commercial Operations: Coordinates with Commercial Operations (Trading & Marketing) on asset bidding, optimization strategies and hedges.

  • Compliance/Regulatory: Ensure compliance with regulatory standards. Monitor regulatory changes to determine impact to the power plants. Participate in regulatory affairs.

  • Other: Implement projects improve overall operational efficiency at the power plants and overall business profitability.

  • Cross-Functional Collaboration: Regular communication with key stakeholders including Executive Management, Asset Management, Plant Operations, Commercial Operations, Finance and Accounting to drive results.


Required: a bachelor's degree in Business or Engineering or related field; strong understanding of business aspects surrounding power generation; 10+ years' experience in asset management and/or operations and maintenance of large fossil-fueled power plants (gas-fired preferred); strong leadership and communication skills; and a good understanding of NYISO and ISO-NE markets. Asset Management experience with other ISO markets will be considered.

Position #6: Senior Fundamentals Analyst
Position develops fundamental long-term forecasting models for power generation assets in East ISOs using a production cost modeling tool.  Responsibilities include developing long-term regional supply and demand models; evaluating new market builds/retirements; monitoring industry regulations, writing/ presenting white papers to key stakeholders, assisting with valuation of complex transactions (tolling transactions, load following/full requirements transactions, etc.) and collaborating with traders and originators to develop trade strategies.  Required: bachelor’s degree in a quantitative field (advanced degree preferred); 5+ years’ experience developing long-term power supply and demand models; experience with production cost tools (Aurora, Prosym or PROMOD); expertise in Excel and proficiency with Access, SQL, Matlab or SAS; and strong communication skills.

Position #7: Power Trading Senior Analyst
Position develops short-term and long-term fundamental analyses of the power and gas markets in support of the commercial operations trading team. The Senior Analyst will 1) take a point of view of the markets, 2) produce reports on pricing and fundamental market drivers, 3) participate in the development of trading strategies and tools, 4) undertake analytics for the capacity markets, 5) work with and manage large and complex datasets, and 6) get involved with automation projects to streamline the processes within the Fundamentals team.

Required: bachelor’s degree in a quantitative field (advanced degree preferred); 2+ years’ experience in power fundamentals, quantitative analysis or structured pricing of wholesale power markets; market experience in PJM, ERCOT, NYISO or ISONE preferred; strong commercial modeling experience; experience working with large data sets and solid data visualization experience and capabilities; and experience in C#, C++, Java, Python, R, or MATLAB and VBA, SQL.

Position #8: Power & Gas Derivative Structuring Quant
Position is part of a commercially-oriented structuring team focused on pricing derivatives and structured transactions.  Position will work closely with originators and traders to price and structure options, load deals, tolling agreements, gas transportation and storage deals and other physical/financial complex structured products across power and gas. Required: an advanced degree in a quantitative field (hard sciences required - mathematics, engineering, physics, etc.); 3-5 years’ experience in a power or gas quantitative role with prior experience pricing and structuring complex transactions; and experience with coding preferred.

Position #9: Data Scientist
Position has the objective of enhancing the existing analytic structure to further drive trading strategy and commercial decisions. The ideal candidate is likely to have experience in the energy markets and who has also worked with Big Data.
Key responsibilities include developing, testing and implementing new tools to be used by the trading team; extracting, analyzing and managing Big Data from multiple internal and external sources; optimizing large data sets into meaningful data; applying rigorous machine learning, statistical analysis, regression and optimization techniques to data for purposes of identifying signals and predictive patterns; evaluating and testing trading strategies; communicating analytical and modeling results through easy to understand visualization platforms; and researching and evaluating new technologies/tools associated with Big Data. Required: a Masters or PhD in a quantitative field (math, physics, computer science, engineering or statistics); 5 years' experience in Big Data analysis and predictive modeling in the energy industry; excellent programming skills (C#, R, Python preferred) and advanced knowledge of scripting; ability to write and optimize database queries to extract and analyze large data sets; strong understanding of statistics, machine learning, regression models and optimization techniques; and strong communication skills.


ACES provides a broad suite of energy trading and risk management services. ACES has the following exciting opportunities available.


Training Manager
Location: Carmel, IN



  • Curriculum Development

  • Create and maintain core and common content for new and mid-career trading professionals.

  • Develop and maintain job position learning plans.

  • Adapt training content to regulatory and market changes.

  • Supplement existing training for NERC, CFTC and RTO-specific certifications.

  • Instructional Delivery

  • Design and coordinate delivery of training by varying methods adapted for individual learning.

  • Act as an instructor as well as employ in-house and third party vendor training resources.

  • Provide both planned, structured training as well as ad hoc skill development opportunities.

  • Evaluation of Needs and Attainment

  • Identify training needs in a systematic, on-going process.

  • Assess and document training attainment at individual employee level.

  • Coordination within Business

  • Collaboratively partner with front office line managers and directors of power, gas and transmission traders and originators as their key training resource.

  • Connect to employee development strategies (e.g. on-boarding and mentoring).

  • Work closely with Human Resources team for attaining training best practices.

  • Adhere to ACES policies and industry regulatory requirements.

  • Travel to provide training to 3 regional US offices in addition to headquarters location.

  • Any additional responsibilities assigned by management.


Hourly Trading Intern – Summer 2019

Location: Maple Grove, MN



  • Assist in the updating and improvement of daily, weekly and monthly energy processes and reports

  • Support and Assist in the requested analysis of data requests by customers and members

  • Assist in the verification of daily demand bids and generation offers to energy markets

  • Assist in the tagging of energy schedules

  • Assist in the preparation of presentations requested by customers and members

  • Develop a working knowledge of how all types of Electrical Generation types operate and interface with Energy Markets

  • Develop a working knowledge of how the Electrical Grid operates

  • Develop a working Knowledge of how Electricity and Natural Gas markets interface with the electricity grid

  • Prepare a capstone project relevant to the Energy Market

  • Will adhere to all ACES corporate policies and comply with all ACES regulatory requirements, including but not limited to FERC, NERC, and relevant state regulations, as applicable to this position

  • Additional responsibilities as assigned


Transmission Strategy Intern – Summer 2019
Location: Carmel, IN



  • Support ACES Transmission Strategy group through technical analyses for members

  • Perform statistical and scenario analyses

  • Research impacts of proposed RTO changes on members’ transmission systems

  • Perform basic power flow modeling

  • Data mining and manipulation

  • Assist with the development of member and customer presentations

  • Analyze opportunities to develop, streamline, or otherwise improve departmental processes

  • Will adhere to all ACES corporate policies and comply with all ACES regulatory requirements, including but not limited to NERC, FERC, and relevant state regulations, as applicable to this position

  • Any additional responsibilities as assigned by management






Supervisor, Real Time Trading & Plant Coordination

Springfield, Missouri ●  hqemployment@aeci.org417.881.1204


Working at AECI is more than a job, it is a career filled with challenges, rewarding work experiences, state-of-the-art tools and exceptional benefits. We are a premier employer comprised of the best and the brightest in the industry. We are searching for talented, enthusiastic people to contribute to our team as we work to provide safe, reliable and affordable energy for our member-owners. At AECI, one of the largest electric cooperatives in the nation, your opportunities to gain valuable experience and contribute new ideas in an ever-changing industry with a growing company are endless.


We are adding to our team in Springfield, MO!  Currently seeking qualified applicants for Supervisor, Real Time Trading and Plant Coordination in the Energy Marketing Department of the Engineering & Operations Division.  Principal activities include the daily management and coordination of all activities related to the hourly marketing desk. Additionally, this role will be the primary point of contact for any AECI generation related outages from both a planning and real time operations perspective.


Primary Responsibilities:

  • Ensure system reliability is maintained and member load is served.

  • Manage the hourly desk such that it is staffed and operational 24/7, 365 days a year.

  • Lead and supervise hourly marketers and conduct performance management.

  • Coordinate to optimize outage and testing schedules with Power Production and ensure Energy Marketing group accurately accounts for its positions.

  • Assist Power Marketers in market analysis and strategy development to maximize the value of AECI assets.


Job Requirements:

  • Technical degree in a engineering, economic, or related discipline; or have minimum 5 years of prior experience in the utility industry with proven knowledge of power plant mechanics.

  • Solid knowledge of power marketing practices and transmission systems.

  • Strong delegation skills with the ability to hold direct reports accountable for high level objectives.

  • Excellent communication and interpersonal skills.


AECI provides a competitive total compensation package including paid health care and dental premiums starting on day one with vision plans available.  Basic life, short-term disability and long-term disability are paid for by AECI as well as a 401k with an employer match. Invest in yourself with our tuition reimbursement and enjoy time away with Paid Time Off (PTO) and paid holidays. Wellness incentives and employee assistance programs are also available. Come join a team where your talents are appreciated, your voice is heard, and your work has an impact!


To apply for a position, please visit and complete your profile. You will be able to upload additional applicant documents (i.e. resume, cover letter) and apply for a position. AECI is fully committed to the concept and practice of equal opportunity and affirmative action in all aspects of employment. Please reference the contact information above if you require assistance in filling out an application. Individuals with disabilities should request reasonable accommodations in accordance with the Americans with Disabilities Act prior to an appointment.


Internal & External posting date: 12/17/2018 • E-Verify Participant ●  EEO/AA Employer and Provider/Minorities/ Females/Disabled/Veterans




Western Regional Sales Director – Energy Solutions

California Open Location




Energy Services Client has retained us to identify a Regional Sales Director to lead and manage the business development efforts for the California Public Sector (MUSH) division. Client is a world-class leader in the energy services/Performance space. Their Bundled Energy Solutions team targets the state/local government, municipal K-12/Higher Ed market segments with proactive, industry leading financial and Energy solutions


California Territory Reporting to the Vice President, this position requires the Regional Sales Director to be an experienced Performance Contracting/Energy Solutions sales professional, be well versed in public finance and possess exceptional presentation skills. Must be able to manage, coach, and motivate a sales team and have a proven history of navigating in a complex selling environment.



  • Public Sector Sales Experience a MUST

  • Hire, train, develop high-profile Sales Team \

  • Building account executive sales plans

  • Manage all technical and financial aspects of the sales process

  • Accurately forecast short-term & long-term sales

  • Demonstrate the ability to work with a diverse set of business unit leaders


Essential Skills:

  • Thorough understanding of the MUSH ESPC legislation within the California Region

  • Successful history of managing a sales teams

  • The ability to communicate, counsel, and sell at all levels of the client’s organization

  • Proven experience in managing a sales staff selling into K-12/Municipal vertical market is preferred

  • Significant public finance acumen

  • Experience in the HVAC / Energy industry


If interested, confidentially contact Scott Brownholtz @ 916-649-3200 –