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Sr. Energy Trader #79846

Puget Sound Energy’s Real-Time Trading Department is looking for an Energy Trader to join our team!  The ideal candidate will be able to make independent economic decisions surrounding PSE’s assets, execute wholesale commodity power purchases and sales transactions to manage these assets and acquire or release transmission to balance the system.  In this role you will manage the short-term (hourly) power portfolio for PSE.  You will also assist in the development and execution of power portfolio hedging strategies and manage wholesale commodity portfolios within the context of market fundamentals, supply, regional events and changing retail loads. 

Read more about these opportunities and apply online to ad #79846 at PSE is an Equal Opportunity Employer, including Protected Veterans and those with Disabilities.


Current Energy Solutions Openings – Energy Services/Performance Contracting:

  • Regional General Manager – Midwest

  • Federal Regional Sales Manager – Open Location

  • Business Development – California

  • Director, Federal Business Development – Northeast

  • Senior Account Executive – Midwest

For confidential details contact Scott Brownholtz @ 916-649-3200 or



Markets and Operations Supervisor

Oversees, guides, motivates and directs the activities of Markets and Operations to ensure EKPC's generation and wholesale assets are utilized in the most economical and reliable manner to provide continues electric power service to all customers.  Oversees the utilization of the Energy Management System (EMS) by Power Supply Operations to ensure EKPC system operation is maintained within accepted NERC, SERC, PJM and EKPC operating practices.  Provides data for the utilization of Unit Commitment programs and works with the Day Ahead Planners in wholesale power market activities for the purpose of serving load economically and contributing to EKPC wholesale power margins.  Participates on various task forces representing EKPC and communicates knowledge of power markets and availability of generation resources to others throughout the organization in order to develop a strategy for serving load.  Provides leadership and maintains overall authority and accountability for the Generation System Operator Team. 


  • Supervises Power Supply Generation System Operators to ensure adequate training pertaining to System Operator Certifications, The Energy Management System (EMS), Automatic Generation Control (AGC), and knowledge of operating policies required by NERC, SERC, PJM and EKPC.

  • Initiates and supervises the implementation of economic interruptions to interruptible customers. Assists the Transmission and Control Area Operations Supervisor in emergency interruptions.

  • Responsible for scheduling of personnel to ensure 24-hour coverage of Power Supply Operations desk.

  • Tracks and documents Power Supply Operations personnel performance with respect to performance goals and conducts performance evaluations for members of Power Supply Operations.

  • Ensures reporting of generation, load, interchange, and certification data required by NERC, FERC, SERC, PJM and EKPC.

  • Responsible for determining optimum strategies for gas purchases based on power market information and system operation needs, including usage amount and ensuring gas reliability at all EKPC Natural Gas Turbine sites.

  • Effectively utilizes additional resources available through ACES Power Marketing.

  • Evaluates economics of coal, gas and hydro generation in the market place to perform portfolio optimization.

  • Provides data for Unit Commitment studies and works with the Day Ahead Planners to develop a strategy for serving load and wholesale market activity on an hourly, next day, and next week basis. Performs these tasks in the absence of key personnel.

  • Works with EKPC management to determine EKPC policies, procedures, and performance goals for System Operation, Economic Dispatch of units, and Wholesale Market activity.  Ensures understanding by Power Supply Operations of when requirements and goals are met and implements improvements as conditions warrant.

  • Assists in development of the annual work plan and capital and operating budgets.

  • Works with control area to ensure coordination of generation and transmission assets for system economics and reliability.

  • Assists in the development of the Unit Maintenance schedules up to five years in advance, coordinating with Generation Operations, the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Power Supply and PJM.

  • Coordinates with plant personnel, daily and monthly unit status and total generation availability.

  • Partners with Resource Planning and fellow Power Supply Operations personnel to provide input concerning system needs and market pricing for power supply purchases.

  • Assists with the development in final form, all documents for rate filing with FERC and the Kentucky Public Service Commission.

  • Works with the PJM BA to ensure compliance of all AGC, CPS, DCS and industry criteria, requirements and regulations. 

  • Performs other duties as assigned.




Bachelor’s degree in a related area.  An equivalent combination of education and experience may substitute.



Eight (8) years of related experience.


Skills and Abilities:

  • Must complete EKPC's Supervisory Training Program within two (2) years, and attend on-going Learning for Leaders training.

  • Knowledge of system control concepts, dispatching techniques, and load forecasting and area control error.

  • Understanding of AGC and unit governor relationship.

  • Knowledge of NERC, FERC, SERC, PJM and EKPC Operating Policies and Procedures.

  • Knowledge of Power Marketing concepts.

  • Knowledge of economic operation concepts.

  • Ability to analyze and evaluate technical and financial data.

  • Able to recognize abnormal operating conditions.

  • Understand operating risks.

  • Knowledge of all interconnection agreements with other companies

  • Knowledge of operation procedures associated with interconnection agreements.

  • Knowledge of Power Purchase/Sale Contracts.

  • Knowledge of the application of personal computers.

  • Knowledge of software associated with system operations highly desirable.

  • Knowledge of power plant operations, both fossil fuel and hydro, strongly preferred.

  • Ability to direct in crises situations.


Key Competencies:


Working Conditions:

  • Travel within and outside the system and some work outside regular hours required.

  • Subject to 24-hour call in.


To Apply:
All applicants MUST apply via our website:


SaltHill Group is searching for qualified candidates to fill several open positions with our clients including global energy companies, oil & gas majors, hedge funds, I-Banks, IPPs, proprietary trading firms, utilities, retail energy providers, and market research firms.  We work with companies nationwide.  Sample open positions include:

  • Head of Congestion Trading, Position #1

  • FTR/CRR Traders, Position #2

  • Mexico FTR Trader, Position #3

  • Virtuals Trader (PJM or MISO), Position #4

  • Trading Data Scientist Position #5

  • Senior Power & Gas Derivative Structuring Quant, Position #6

  • Power Quantitative Strategist, Position #7

  • Senior Power Fundamentals Analyst, Position #8

  • Director of Electricity Sales, Position #9

  • Load Forecasting Analyst Position #10

  • Front-Office Market Risk Advisor, Position #11

  • Lead Credit Risk Strategist (Structured Power), Position #12

For information on these open positions, please contact by e-mail and visit our website

SaltHill Group
191 North Wacker Drive, Suite 2300
Chicago, Illinois 60606
Phone 312-422-1392  

Position #1: Head of Congestion Trading
Position will build-out the congestion trading platform (FTRs, CRRs, TCCs, Virtual Bidding) across all ISOs (PJM, NYISO, NEISO, MISO, SPP, ERCOT, CaISO). Key responsibilities include building analytical tools (power system economics, power flow and dispatch models) to be used by congestion and speculative trade desks; hiring a team of transmission analysts and FTR traders; and developing and executing FTR and CRR strategies to trade in monthly, quarterly and annual auctions.  Required: bachelor’s degree (Power Engineering preferred); ability to execute the directive of building out a strategy; strong commercial understanding of the North American transmission trading environment with an analytical understanding of the modeling aspect of the business; strong fundamental market knowledge of the grid and market rules in all ISOs; and experience running a profitable congestion trading business.

Position #2: FTR/CRR Traders – CaISO, ERCOT, MISO, NY, NE, Ontario, PJM or SPP Focus
Position builds out an FTR trading platform/desk, including analytics (power system economics, power flow and dispatch models) to trade in monthly, quarterly and annual auctions.  Required: advanced degree (PhD or Masters required, power engineering preferred), strong fundamental market knowledge, strong modeling and programming skills, and prior profitable trading record trading FTRs/CRRs in a hedging or speculative trading environment.

Position #3: Mexico FTR Trader
Position leads the build-out of a Mexico FTR trading platform/desk including analytics (power flow and dispatch models) to trade in monthly, balance of the year and annual auctions. Required:  advanced degree (PhD or Masters required, power engineering preferred), prior experience with congestion/FTR trading in one or more ISOs, strong modeling and programming skills, prior profitable trading record trading and Spanish speaking skills to interpret tariffs/market rules and attend Mexico market meetings/industry events, etc.


Position #4: Virtuals Trader (PJM or MISO)
Position is responsible for developing the PJM or MISO Virtuals trade seat (conceptualizing, developing, and back-testing the trade strategies, trade execution and risk management of the book). Required: bachelor’s degree; experience with the market fundamentals of PJM or MISO; strong modeling skills; and a historical PnL track record of $1M trading PJM or MISO Virtuals.


Position #5: Trading Data Scientist
Position creates sophisticated statistical algorithms that produce predictive signals for the a commercial trading organization.  These algorithms and related trade signals will drive trading strategy and commercial decisions.  Key responsibilities include extracting, analyzing and managing data from complex and disparate sources, including data lake built by the Technology team: applying rigorous machine learning, statistical analysis, regression and optimization techniques to data to identify signals and predictive patterns; generating hypotheses and analyzing data to test and interpret results and to evaluate and test trading strategies; developing, testing and implementing new tools to be used by the trading team; working with Technology team to communicate analytical and modeling results in a dashboard format to Traders; and researching and evaluating new technologies/tools associated with Big Data.  Required: advanced degree (PhD strongly desired with strong academic performance) in an applied quantitative field (math, physics, computer science, engineering or statistics); 4+ years' experience in Big Data analysis and predictive modeling in a trading environment (trading, quantitative trading or high frequency trading); strong background in statistics and probability; professional experience with machine learning used for prediction, classification and anomaly detection; experience with natural language processing (NLP) for analyzing unstructured data is desired; excellent programming skills (Python preferred, C++, C# and R considered) and advanced knowledge of scripting; ability to write and optimize database queries to extract and analyze large data sets; and strong communication skills.


Position #6: Senior Power & Gas Derivative Structuring Quant
Position is part of a commercially-oriented Strats team focused on pricing derivatives and structured transactions.  Position works closely with originators and traders to price and structure, options, load deals, tolling agreements, gas transportation and storage deals and other physical/financial complex structured products across power and gas. Required: an advanced degree in a quantitative field (hard sciences required - mathematics, engineering, physics, etc.); 5-10 years’ experience in a power or gas quantitative role with prior experience pricing and structuring complex transactions; and experience with coding is beneficial.

Position #7: Power Quantitative Strategist
Position is part of the commercial team and works directly with the originators, traders, quants and customers to undertake structuring activities for competitive deals and products. Responsibilities include designing complex valuation and price models for structured products including tolling agreements, full requirements / load-following deals, PPA agreements, shaped products, revenue puts, swaptions, weather contingent derivative products, basket options, heat rate options, RECs and other physical/financial/derivatives; and enhancing and back-testing pricing models on an ongoing basis. Required: PhD in a quantitative field (mathematics, engineering, physics, statistics, etc.); 2-5 years' experience in a power or gas quantitative role and ideally with prior experience pricing and structuring complex and transactions (exotic options, bespoke structures) or experience building or enhancing pricing models is preferred; strong understanding of embedded optionality and drivers; and experience with coding is required.

Position #8: Senior Power Fundamentals Analyst
Position is newly-created and directly supports the structured power origination business (financial or physical hedges, hedges for wind generation, hedges for thermal generation, unit contingent deals and other asset deals or investments). It has a primary focus on the Eastern power markets (PJM, NYISO, NEISO and MISO) which may expand to include other prospective markets, and it collaborates closely with originators and traders to develop fundamental views in various zones/hubs to support commercial decisions.  Responsibilities include: developing regional supply and demand models (greater than 2 years with a focus on 2-5+ years); evaluating new market builds and retirements; communicating forward views of power fundamentals; and collaborating with traders and originators to develop trade strategies. Required: bachelor’s degree (advanced degree preferred) in a quantitative field; professional experience developing power supply and demand models, including building and running a power burn model to evaluate natural gas consumption from power; and ability to evaluate weather impacts on regional power dynamics.

Position #9: Director of Electricity Sales
Position focuses on selling to Energy Coops, Trade Associations and Partnerships as well as Corporate & Industrial customers, and works with customers and members to design energy price risk management and procurement plans to achieve cost savings. The primary market focus will be Illinois. Required: a bachelor’s degree; 5 years of successful sales experience in the wholesale and retail electricity markets in Illinois / PJM; track record of closing transactions and hitting PnL targets; rolodex of existing contacts; ability to generate new leads and develop a marketing strategy; strong knowledge of the wholesale and retail power markets landscape and various structured product offerings; ability to build a book of business in an entrepreneurial environment; willingness to travel to customer site and attend industry meetings and good communication skills to work across the company and client.

Position #10: Load Forecasting Analyst
evaluates and enhances existing load forecasting models used in the short- and long-term load forecasting process, and develops new load forecasting models for the electricity and gas load.  The position will examine the accuracy of the existing models by comparing the forecast to actual results, will identify and implement new assumptions and calculations in the model and will test new models to be used by the team in daily operations. Additional data mining will be done for customer profiling and segmentation purposes. This position supports and interacts with multiple teams; stakeholders include load forecasters, portfolio management, supply trading, risk and marketing. Required: an advanced degree (Master’s degree) in Mathematics, Computer Science, Economics, Engineering, Statistics or other quantitative field; 3-5 years' experience in a statistical load forecasting role; strong mathematical and statistical modeling skills; knowledge of regression modeling neural-networks, regression, time series, etc.); advanced SQL coding skills with exposure to R, Matlab and/or Stata; understanding of deregulated retail or wholesale power and/or gas markets and customer profiling and segmentation; and ability to research industry trends and extract and analyze large data sets and use Big Data / Data Science concepts.

Position #11: Front-Office Market Risk Advisor
Position is a proactive risk advisory role that interacts daily with the trading desk and fundamentals team to provide an independent analysis of risk around trading strategies. Responsibilities include highlighting key portfolio risk metrics, summarizing the themes and strategies of the trades and portfolios versus the broader energy markets, quantifying impact of new and material trades on the trades books and identification of risks not captured in systems and traditional risk metrics. In addition, position will be involved with assessing risk related to new business and complex transactions.  This position requires a strong commercial and fundamental understanding of physical and financial power and gas markets, as well as related instruments and derivatives. Required: a bachelor's degree in Finance, Math or other quantitative field; 3-6 years' experience in risk management in a gas & power energy trading environment; strong understanding of energy risk metrics/models; advanced skills in Excel/VBA, Matlab (or other statistical package) and SQL; and experience interacting with traders and upper management.

Position #12: Lead Credit Risk Strategist (Structured Power)
Position performs credit evaluation and risk assessment of structured power finance and derivative transactions in a deal-oriented environment.  It requires high interaction with the trading desk and counterparties to negotiate contracts, collateral and credit terms for each commercial deal and manage the firm’s credit exposure. Required: bachelor’s degree in Finance or related field; 7-10 years’ experience in a credit risk role for a downstream energy firm with a focus on power (preferred) or oil/gas (considered); strong understanding of the credit terms for standard energy industry master agreements (ISDAs, NAESBs, EEIs, etc.), including credit support annexes; and experience with physical transactions and traded products exchanges (ICE, NYMEX, Nodal) and margin requirements.



Energy Recruiting Specialists Inc.
Michael A. DeFazio, President
P.O. Box 566
Douglassville, PA 19518
Phone: 610-385-9560

Manager of Power Asset Optimization/Management Western US / Ca.
Southern/Northern CA

The Asset Manager will manage several solar power facilities, as well as the start-up and operation of a battery energy storage project.  Responsibilities shall include operations and maintenance, regulatory, technical challenges, P&L, budget, and general commercial responsibility.

Key Responsibilities:

  • Overall accountability for 3-4 power assets including profit and loss responsibility.

  • Function as the owner’s representative under a multitude of project contracts including the sale of electricity, energy management, multi-party partnership, operation and maintenance, property tax, financing, interconnection agreements.

  • Identify project optimization opportunities such as market opportunities that improve revenues and operational and process improvements.

  • Provide oversight and management of power market interface, regulatory and environmental compliance, community relations, budget development and cost controls/accounting, process management to ensure production optimization and best practices, and direct interface with third party operation and maintenance provider.

  • Represent owner in regulatory proceedings including monitoring and identification of such proceedings.

  • Manage the operation and maintenance of the plant through a Plant Manager and his/her staff to run at optimal efficiency.

  • Interface and support of the development of work processes to ensure O&M best practices and have familiarity with reliability-centered maintenance.  Develop historical and forward-looking reliability to include recommendations and maintenance of critical parts inventory.

  • Development of top tier performance metrics that align plant priorities with safety, environmental and regulatory compliance, and optimal profitability.

  • Ensure plant performance is optimized, captured, and communicated to the energy manager through the development of incremental cost curves that maximize output while minimizing cost including plant wear and tear.

  • Manage warranty issues, claims and post-warranty maintenance plans



  • Minimum of 5 years’ experience in the power industry. 

  • Bachelor’s degree in Engineering preferred but not required.

  • Ability to think creatively, work independently, and pay attention to detail.  Must be a self-starter who is willing to roll-up his/her sleeves to get the work done.

  • Strong knowledge of power sales arrangements including merchant and contractual in ISO and bilateral markets.  Understanding of the various products available to sell such as real power, ancillary services, reactive power and others.  Understating of offer process for both energy and capacity in ISO markets.

  • Solid knowledge of utility-scale solar operations, including electricity commodity market, delivery costs, storage, and hedging strongly preferred.

  • Start-up experience of any Renewable Energy facility, including Energy Storage a plus.

  • Familiar with rules and regulations in OSHA, NERC, CAISO, FERC, and other industry organizations.

  • Ability to understand complicated contractual arrangements including the interplay between contracts and the implications of contract language on operations.

  • Awareness and appreciation of plant culture to effect safety, compliance, reliability, and ultimately profitability.

  • Hands-on experience with ISO Settlements, reconciliation and other back office functions.




Portfolio Analyst

Location: Bellevue, WA



The position will have responsibility for a wide range of duties and responsibilities including, but not limited to: Develop and maintain financial models used by clients for hedging, position management, budgeting, and ad hoc financial analyses. Develop rapport with clients to assist them with developing sound hedging strategies and metrics to track financial performance. Develop and assist with the fundamental analysis of assigned markets. Collaborate with cross-functional team members to create and maintain portfolio management products. Develop and maintain presentations that clearly and concisely communicate performance metrics. Communicate financial metrics to clients and team members via presentations and trusted relationships. Monitor and report on regulatory developments/changes in assigned markets. Assist with developing congestion revenue rights (CRRs) strategies for clients. Assist with settlement reconciliations.



The ideal candidate will have the following skills:

  • Advanced capabilities in financial modeling, pro forma analysis

  • Deep knowledge of trading and risk management concepts including trading and risk management strategies and option pricing theory

  • Must be detail oriented and highly analytical

  • Self-starter with ability to work independently and as part of a closely knit team

  • Exceptional verbal and written communication skills with the ability to clearly and concisely communicate complex subjects to a wide array of audiences

  • Ability to take on conceptual and amorphous problems and develop concrete, impactful models used by the business

  • Fundamental understanding of probability theory and statistical techniques

  • Strong interpersonal skills and experience communicating complex concepts to clients and prospects


The following additional skills/experience are desired:

  • Strongly prefer candidates with experience in the energy industry

  • Experience working in CAISO or other RTO such as PJM, MISO, NE-ISO, etc.

  • Experience in regulatory tracking, monitoring, and reporting

  • Experience in electricity rates design and analysis

  • Knowledge of Congestion Revenue Rights (CRRs)

  • Experience in structuring and pricing power purchase agreements with an emphasis on renewable generating assets, particularly solar



  • Minimum of four years’ experience working in trading, risk management, financial services, or similarly related industry.

  • Bachelor's degree from a four-year accredited college or university is required; major in a technical or business-related discipline highly desired; MBA or other advanced degree is a plus.

  • Experience dealing with RTOs highly desired


Interested applicants can apply online here:



ACES provides a broad suite of energy trading and risk management services. ACES has the following exciting opportunities available.


Summer 2018 Internships
Location(s): Benson, AZ & Carmel, IN


ACES has the following internship opportunities for the summer of 2018:


  Hourly Trader Intern    

Benson, AZ

  IT Service Desk Intern 

Carmel, IN

  Regulatory Intern  

Carmel, IN

  Reliability Compliance Intern 

Carmel, IN

  Transmission Strategy Intern    

Carmel, IN







To view job descriptions and minimum qualifications, please visit





Director of Sales – Retail Energy Supplier

Columbus, OH


Start-up retail energy supplier backed by leading global real estate trust is realizing tremendous success and is expanding. We have been retained to identify a Director of Sales to grow, develop and lead a high-octane commodity sales team.

Reporting director to the Executive Director, the Director of Sales will assume increasing levels of responsibility while managing our Direct and Indirect Commercial Sales Departments. This position will be responsible for building and managing all steps in the direct commercial (b2b) sales process and the day-to-day management of our indirect sales.


Sales Management – Strong management experience is a necessity to be most successful in this position.


Training – With the emphasis on hiring the best new talent comes the necessary follow-up to give them the best tools possible to succeed in their careers.


Recruiting – Experience recruiting/developing a sales force.



  • Direct sales management experience

  • Prefer an energy-related resume

  • An unconditional passion for success


If you are interested, confidentially contact Scott Brownholtz @ 916-649-3200 –




Federal Sales Manager, Energy Services

Remote Location


Client is recognized as a benchmark in the Energy Services/Demand-side Management community. They help the federal government improve their relationship with energy by advising, developing and implementing energy retrofit projects. World-class leadership, resources and branding that will enable you to succeed and "be your best you."


The Federal Sales Manager should have existing relationships with decision-makers and knowledge of operations at governmental organizations. This individual will be responsible for managing a direct sales team and a P&L. You will be providing comprehensive energy solutions to customers relating to energy efficiency and also supporting cross functional sales to electric, natural gas, renewable power, load response and other blended solutions.


– Ability to lead/develop/support a Federal sales team

– Has successfully prospected and contacted Federal decision makers

– Develop and manage a sales energy efficiency pipeline

– Understand customer's energy objectives, price risk tolerances, develop sustainable energy solutions

– Exceptional communication skills with the ability to speak in front of groups and C-Level executives



  • Sales management experience

  • Energy development experience

  • Experience and contacts in the Federal ESPC marketplace


For further details contact Scott Brownholtz at 916-649-3200 or