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Power Trader, Real-Time
Bellevue, WA

SUMMARY Provides asset optimization services including; portfolio management, system monitoring, resource scheduling, and the execution of real-time energy transactions on behalf of The Energy Authority and its Members and Partners.




Simultaneously manages portfolios in real-time for multiple clients

  • Forecasts hourly loads

  • Analyzes energy and transmission alternatives to optimize profits and ensure delivery

  • Interacts with the market participants to develop, negotiate, and execute opportunistic business transactions that create value for the company

  • Evaluates the current value of thermal and storage resources relative to the market

  • Evaluate market conditions and develop trading strategies to optimize the use of available resources

  • Coordinate client and intra-TEA communications on power supply needs and transactions


Monitors real-time data feeds to provide timely and reliable response to changing portfolio conditions including:

  • SCADA alarm system

  • PowerBiz

  • Real-time system metering

  • iCRS


Coordinates the scheduling of resources to serve system obligations

  • Scheduling of energy and reserve transactions

  • Tagging of energy transactions

  • Manage transmission reservations and negotiate transmission sales / purchases

  • Pro-actively pursues transmission opportunities on behalf of Members, Partners and TEA

  • Coordinate between clients, counterparties, control areas and transmission providers to ensure the reliable receipt and delivery of power


Maintains working knowledge of Trading environment including:

  • Client’s resource and obligation mix

  • Current tagging methodologies and requirements

  • Current scheduling methodologies and requirements

  • Current applications, web sites, spreadsheets and other tools needed to effectively manage the portfolios under their control


Data Entry Tasks

  • Accurately records purchase and sale transactions on appropriate blotters or trade tickets and ensures that all necessary transaction details are entered into TEA’s deal capture system

  • Obtains market discoveries and market clearing prices

  • Confirms hourly transactions, including total MWh’s, transaction price, Point of Receipt or Point of Delivery with counter-parties in order to ensure accuracy

Work on a rotating 12-hour shift to provide trading coverage on a 7/24/365 day basis and be prepared to provide trading support during natural disasters, at back up facility, and/or team related emergencies. This position may be called on to fill in for other trading floor positions (Support Specialist, Day-Ahead Power Management Specialist, etc.) when needed.

Provide training and support to new traders and support specialists about TEA business practices, processes, and procedures. Ensure that all relevant aspects including energy price, transmission, counter party contractual and credit limits terms, are in compliance with TEA’s and member risk policies (if applicable).

Bachelors’ degree from a four year accredited college or university required, advanced degree a plus. Previous experience in the energy industry and with trade capture systems is a plus.












  • Customer Focus

  • Integrity

  • Teamwork

  • Ownership

  • Excellence



ACES provides a broad suite of energy trading and risk management services. ACES has the following exciting opportunities available.


Hourly Trader
Locations: Carmel IN | Raleigh, NC | Maple Grove MN

This position will be responsible for the management of generation and native load requirements of any participating member or client. This position will be accountable for generation and load scheduling, demand side management, transmission purchases, energy transactions, market interaction, hourly sales of member’s generation or contract resources and purchasing as required.  


  • Bachelor’s degree in business or a related field or an Associate’s degree with applicable power trading experience from an institution accredited by an accrediting agency recognized by the US Department of Education.  
  • Previous business experience preferred to include price negotiation, data analysis and customer service.   
  • Demonstrated proficiency in computers, specifically Microsoft Excel.
  • Competence with mathematics and technical concepts. 
  • High degree of analytical, attention to detail and organization skills. 
  • Effective written and oral communication skills as well as computer skills.  
  • Application and use of critical thinking skills.  



SaltHill Group is searching for qualified candidates to fill several open positions with our clients including global energy companies, oil & gas majors, hedge funds, I-Banks, IPPs, proprietary trading firms, utilities, retail energy providers, and market research firms.  We work with companies nationwide.  Sample open positions include:


  • FTR/CRR Traders, Position #1
  • Senior ERCOT Power Originator, Position #2
  • Transmission Trading Analyst (Speculative Focus, Position #3
  • Lead Transmission Analyst (Generation Focus), Position #4
  • Power Trading Analyst, Position #5
  • PJM Power Fundamentals Manager, Position #6
  • CaISO Power Fundamentals Manager, Position #7
  • Power Quantitative Structuring Manager, Position #8
  • Power Risk Control Lead, Position #9
  • Strategic Solutions Specialist (Renewable Power), Position #10


For information on these open positions, please contact by e-mail and visit our website

SaltHill Group
191 North Wacker Drive, Suite 2300
Chicago, Illinois 60606
Phone 312-422-1392  

Position #1: FTR/CRR Traders – CaISO, ERCOT, MISO, NY, NE, Ontario, PJM or SPP Focus
Position trades in monthly, quarterly and annual auctions.  Required: advanced degree (PhD or master’s required, power engineering preferred), strong fundamental market knowledge, strong modeling and programming skills (power system economics, power flow and dispatch models), and prior profitable trading record trading FTRs/CRRs in a hedging or speculative trading environment.

Position #2: Senior ERCOT Power Originator
Position targets municipalities, cooperatives, commercial & industrial (C&I) customers, retail energy providers (REPs), consultants and other end-user organizations that procure power within a newly-entered ERCOT market.  Position primarily will build a client base within ERCOT, but also may source opportunities in SPP and Gulf regions and generate other deal flows.  Required: a bachelor's degree; 3+ years' experience originating business with municipalities, cooperatives, C&I customers, REPs and/or consultants; and ability to work collaboratively with traders.

Position #3: Transmission Trading Analyst (Speculative Focus)
Position provides analytical support for the nodal and ICE/OTC power traders across an assigned US ISO for a global energy trading firm (speculative). Responsibilities include running production cost models / power flow models; providing transmission and congestion research; forecasting nodal power prices; and identifying trade strategies for the FTR / CRR auctions. Required: master’s or PhD in Electrical Engineering (power systems focus) with 1-5 years’ experience in transmission planning, power engineering or congestion analysis at a utility, IPP, power trading firm, power research firm or ISO; expert knowledge in the market rules of one or more of the following regions (PJM, NYISO, ISO-NE, MISO, CaISO, ERCOT or SPP) with a strong preference for PJM or ERCOT experience; power fundamental modeling skills; and experience using UPLAN, PowerWorld, Dayzer, PROMOD or PSSE. Advanced technology skills desired for data mining purposes and building trading tools.

Position #4: Lead Transmission Analyst (Generation Focus)
Position is responsible for managing the financial and physical transmission congestion risks for a power generation company supporting its FTR team in the PJM and MISO markets. The position uses both data mining and fundamental analysis techniques to support trading decisions in the long-term and monthly FTR auctions, and in Day Ahead and Real Time markets. It also is involved in speculative basis trades in the term and cash markets.  Responsibilities include transmission and congestion research, analysis and forecasting; strategy development in the PJM and MISO FTR auctions; price risk analysis and forecasting; analysis of the electric grid performance in the short- and long-term; production cost, power system and other market simulation modeling for power and FTR trading; and quantitative development of models and trading tools. Required: bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering (power systems focus) with 5+ years’ experience at a utility, IPP, power trading firm, power research firm or ISO as a FTR trader, transmission planning engineer or a congestion analyst with an expertise in the market rules of PJM or MISO (PJM preferred); strong modeling and programming skills; power flow analysis and production cost/dispatch modeling skills using PowerWorld, PSSE, DAYZER, UPLAN,  PROMOD, PSO or PLEXOS, etc.; and programming skills (VBA, Python, R, or C++).

Position #5: Power Trading Analyst
Position reports to the head of Power Trading and provide analytics with a forecasting horizon over the next 12 months in the East power markets (PJM main focus). The position supports OTC traders across a variety of products (heat rates, spark spreads, UTCs, virtuals), maintains dispatch and flow models, builds fundamental models, and works on market and trading-related special projects. Required: a bachelor's degree in Engineering, Finance or Mathematics (master’s degree preferred); a strong understanding of the North American power supply/demand and infrastructure fundamentals; experience with dispatch or flow models (Dayzer or PowerWorld preferred); a familiarity with Tableau; and good coding experience with Matlab, R and SQL. Consideration will be given to experience outside of the East ISO markets.

Position #6: PJM Power Fundamentals Manager
Position develops and identifies fundamental drivers for the PJM power market that are used by traders (commercial decision-making and trade ideas) and corporate (strategy, capital projects, M&A). Responsibilities include preparing fundamental research and building supply and demand models (day-ahead out 5 years); tracking market rule changes, infrastructure changes and near-term demand and fuel prices; providing a forward view on generation, transmission, load and impact to power prices and heat rates; providing short-term power price forecasts and market drivers; developing stack models; identifying market inefficiencies, price opportunities and strategies for the traders; undertaking capacity market fundamentals to support bidding activity; and developing trader tools. Required: bachelor’s degree in a quantitative field (advanced degree is a plus); 5+ years’ professional experience with the North American power markets in a power trading commercial environment; experience analyzing the Cash and Term power markets; strong modeling/programming skills; an understanding of North American power supply/demand and infrastructure fundamentals; proven ability to build analytical trading tools; and ability to think commercially with strong communication skills. The candidate must have market knowledge in PJM; and experience with PSO, PROMOD, Aurora, GE-MAPS, or similar.

Position #7: CaISO Power Fundamentals Manager
Position develops and identifies fundamental drivers for the CaISO power market that are used by traders (commercial decision-making and trade ideas) and corporate (strategy, capital projects, M&A). Responsibilities include supporting Cash and Term Trading by providing short-term and long-term fundamental views as necessary, hedging, and transmission congestion/valuation to assist FTR trading across the California ISO (CaISO); determining market price and congestion impact due to potential market changes including transmission upgrades, supply / demand evolution, and market rule changes; performing fundamental analysis to support investment decisions including capital projects and M&A activity; and maintaining a detailed knowledge of CaISO ISO rules and fundamentals to support market bidding activity and other commercial decision-making. Required: bachelor’s degree in a quantitative field (advanced degree is a plus); 6+ years’ professional experience with the North American power markets in a power trading commercial environment; strong modeling/programming skills; an understanding of North American power supply/demand and infrastructure fundamentals; proven ability to build analytical trading tools; and ability to think commercially with strong communication skills. The candidate must have market knowledge in CaISO; and experience with PSO, PROMOD, Aurora, GE-MAPS, or similar.

Position #8: Power Quantitative Structuring Manager
Position is part of the commercial team and works directly with the originators, traders, quants and customers to undertake structuring activities for complex and bespoke derivative transactions. This is a hands-on supervisor position with 2 quantitative direct reports. Responsibilities include designing complex valuation and price models for structured products including tolling agreements, full requirements / load-following deals, PPA agreements, shaped products, revenue puts, swaptions, weather contingent derivative products, basket options, heat rate options, RECs and other physical/financial/derivatives; and enhancing and back-testing pricing models on an ongoing basis. Required: PhD in a quantitative field (mathematics, engineering, physics, statistics, etc.); 5+ years' experience in a power or gas quantitative role and ideally with prior experience pricing and structuring complex and transactions (exotic options, bespoke structures) or experience building or enhancing pricing models is preferred; strong understanding of embedded optionality and drivers; and experience with coding is required.

Position #9: Power Risk Control Lead
Position is a lead risk role focused on risk and middle office activities of a physical and financial power portfolio including structured deals and transactions (load deals, full requirements contracts, tolling agreements, block and shaped products, ancillary products, unit-contingency deals, options/heat rate call options, etc.).  There is close interaction with the power & origination trading teams, as well as upper management. Required: a bachelor’s degree in Finance or related numerate field; 7-12 years’ experience in risk, trade reporting, product control, or a middle-office PnL role supporting a power trading desk; strong working knowledge of the physical and financial electricity/power markets; ability to communicate complex trading transactions; ability to communicate with company executives on control issues and processes; and advanced technology skills including Excel/VBA/SQL are a plus.

Position #10: Strategic Solutions Specialist (Renewable Power)
Position is responsible for developing and implementing new products beyond the core electricity business for the Corporate and Industrial (C&I) customer segments including distributed energy (solar & batteries), energy efficiency, demand response, etc.  Responsibilities include engaging customer and researching markets to identify new products; developing business cases; leading development and management of new products; managing vendor partners; developing sales process and target customers; partnering with sales on strategies and targets; and reporting on product performance. Required: bachelor’s degree in business or related field; MBA or other related advanced degree beneficial; 8+ years' related experience including 5+ years' experience with financial modeling or customer margin analysis and 5+ years' experience with project coordination/management methods; experience with distributed generation and/or renewable energy development a plus; and strong analytical and financial modeling skills.


Power Dispatcher/Scheduler
Louisville, KY

Primary responsibilities include scheduling, dispatching, and marketing of Trane Energy Supply Service’s clients’ resources in response to the requirements of each clients’ generation & load obligation, while maintaining system integrity and reliability.

Primary Duties:

  • Provide dispatch and scheduling services to clients with generation facilities or dispatchable/curtailable loads.

  • Act as centralized point of communication between clients, facilities, and RTO/ISO.

  • Update the RTO/ISO on changes in generating capability, including submitting outage tickets.

  • Evaluate SCADA alarms and irregularities, taking corrective action accordingly.

  • Perform settlement related processes and procedures to produce clear and concise reports daily, market shadow settlements and compliance evidence.

Key Competencies: 

  • Excellent attention to detail.

  • Ability to solve problems with minimal guidance.

  • Ability to monitor minute-by-minute conditions of both power markets and client resources.

  • Advanced knowledge of Microsoft Office, specifically Excel.

  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills.

  • An ability to deconstruct invoices or large data sets, verify data, and present reports to clients.

  • Within the first year of being hired, candidate must take and pass the PJM Generation Dispatcher exam.

  • Ability to work rotating 12 hour shifts, including nights, weekends, and holidays to ensure 24/7 hour coverage.


  • Dispatch/settlement/scheduling experience preferred but not required.

  • Knowledge and experience with excel required.

  • Bachelor’s degree in Mathematics/Economics/Science-related field preferred.

Special consideration given to candidates who possess:

  • An understanding of FERC, NERC and Eastern Interconnection market rules.

  • Strong working knowledge of electric system operations, generation dispatch, scheduling, tagging between interconnections and understanding of transmission constraints.

  • Knowledge of power plant operations, economic dispatch and operational limitations.

  • Knowledge of OASIS sites and their functions for the purchase and scheduling of transmission rights.

  • Familiarity with SCADA/EMS systems.

  • Knowledge of deal capture systems.

Follow below link to apply: