Frequently Asked Questions

I work full-time, is Augment for me?

Yes, most of our students work full-time. That’s why we’ve designed our programs to be completely online and self-paced - so they can work around the schedule of working professionals, not the other way around.

Is Augment just video lessons?

No. Our video lectures consist of only one third of our Programs. There are some 40 hours of video lectures included. All Augment Programs also include quizzes, case studies, written assignments, and downloadable handbooks.

Do I have to take exams to receive my certificate?

Yes, you will need to pass the quizzes and complete your assignments in order to fulfill the certification requirements.

Can I get a refund if I’m not satisfied?

Yes. All students are eligible for a full refund within 15 days of enrollment - no questions asked. This supports our mission to make quality business education risk-free.

Does Augment offer team plans?

Yes. For groups of ten or more or for corporate licenses, contact us at or 201 871 0474

About Augment

Augment was formed to provide a cost and time-effective alternative to traditional on-site business training. Its world class faculty provides cutting edge business training.

Included Training Materials

All Augment Programs also include quizzes, case studies, written assignments, and downloadable handbooks. You will have access to all materials and updates for a full year from when you register!


ere are just some of what people are saying about this program:

"I have completed multiple, post-graduate certificates in my life and always felt relief at the end. This time, I felt a sense of  loss when I had no new classes to attend."
Ted Burgess
Director of Psychological Health

"This course has made me stop and think about  what I'm doing and knowing \ what I do now, how I would have done things differently in the past. This learning experience will give me the edge I'm looking for to make better decisions in the future"
Liz Allan
Councellor for NBC

"Suppose you want to grow your knowledge and confidence as an entrepreneur or one in the making. In that case, provides you with an affordable, easily  accessible, and critical understanding of what it takes to be successful."
Justin Nelson
Global Scale Leader

"The knowledge and insights I've gained throughout this  program are invaluable. I've had the opportunity to delve deep into the world of business, learning from the best in the field, and applying these learnings to real-world scenarios."
Tamzidul Matin
Cloud DevOps Engineer

"Great content, format and presentation. The content is crisp and great! The presenters/teachers are masters and have huge success stories on their belt! Love the format, notes and lessons!"
Swaroop Rath
Software Engineer

"I feel empowered by the real-life expertise and advice in the curriculum to start my own adventure and pursue my own business upon completion." 
Rachel Rose
Senior Test Lead @Entrega

"The Augment program is an excellent model of contemporary education and I would recommend this course to anyone who wants a cutting-edge education."
Catherine Boldeau
Profesional Speaker

"Overall, I had a very positive experience with the Augment  Online program. I learned a lot, and I was able to apply it  to my career. I would definitely recommend the program to anyone looking for a flexible and affordable way to earn their  MBA."
Mullai Defino
Corporate Innovator

Augment your education

Business Generalists Certificate Program

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Business Fundamentals Training Program

(Current Rate $1750. Register Now to Beat the 2024 Rate Increase!)

One Program, Covering:

1. Business Strategy and Innovation
2. Entrepreneurship
3. Leadership
4. Sales and Negotiation
5. Business Operations
6. Management
7. Financial Accounting

An employee will spend an average of 80,000 hours of their life working. 

Studying business is critical for skill development and career advancement. Understanding the big picture is important not just for the employee, but for the organization.  

Whether you’re looking for a promotion, to launch a venture, or to just build your organization - we've got you covered. 

Our program is laser-focused on what works in the business world: no fluff, all substance

Our teachers don’t just study the market - they define it. 

Our textbook? The experience of the world’s greatest entrepreneurs, CEOs and executives.

The Augment Business Generalists Certificate Program is your toolkit for the trade. Understand business models, get success-proven frameworks, draft killer plans, win your customers, lead your team to victory, 

The unmatched depth, premium quality, world-class mentors, and unrivaled flexibility of our next generation Business Generalists Certificate Program make it the perfect choice in business education.

Augment’s approach is to reshape education by leveraging online tools to offer high-quality business knowledge straight from the minds of our brightest business leaders.

The Augment Business Generalists Certificate Program is brought to you by the most brilliant minds in business - women and men who have reshaped entire industries and created companies with a cumulative worth of over $100B. Faculty includes:

  • Jimmy Wales, Founder, Wikipedia
  • Rend Stephan, Managing Director at BCG
  • Steve Chen, Founder, Youtube
  • Ann Hiatt, First Chief of Staff, Google
  • Caen Contee, Founding Team at Lime
  • Renaud Visage, Founder, EventBrite
  • Gabriela Hersham, Founder, Huckletree
  • Chris Barton, Founder, Shazam
  • Uri Levin, Founder, Waze
  • and More!

Key Benefits Of Attending This Program :

This course has been designed to provide you with practical solutions to the challenges you confront everyday.  

You'll get the vital knowledge you need to succeed - plus the critical strategies to perfect your business skills. The Augment Business Practicum includes seven key modules:

  • Business Strategy and Innovation
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Leadership
  • Sales and Negotiation
  • Business Operations
  • Management
  • Financial Accounting
Bonus! We are rapidly expanding our offerings. By signing today, you will have access to all the new offerings added for the next year!

Module 1: Strategy and Innovation
Presentation by Jimmy Wales, Founder of Wikipedia

This introductory module dives into the core principles that guide decision-making and problem-solving in the business world.  Each unit is based on concrete, practical and actionable frameworks drawn from the experiences of two of the world’s most successful entrepreneurs - Uri Levine, Founder of Waze, and Jimmy Wales, Founder of Wikipedia.  

This Module Covers:

  • The Problem-Oriented Mindset
  • Steve Blank’s Value Proposition Formula
  • Assessing Market Opportunities
  • The Customer Discovery Journey
  • Selecting A Business Model
  • The Customer-Centric Approach
  • The Product Adoption Curve
Case Studies Include:
  • Why would advertising hurt Wikipedia's business? By Jimmy Wales - Founder of Wikipedia
  • Waze’s Customer Segmentation Framework By Uri Levine - Founder of Waze
  • Market-Sizing: Waze’s Qualification Matrix By Uri Levine - Founder of Waze

Module 2: Entrepreneurship
Presentation by Chris Barton, Founder of Shazam

Adopting an entrepreneurial mindset is key to success at all stages of business. The module brings you insights into how the world’s most brilliant entrepreneurs spot ideas, find customers and scale businesses. You'll gain insight into how to spot the right ideas and turn them into successful enterprises.  

This Module Covers:

  • The Entrepreneurial Mindset
  • The Three Ingredients of a Business Idea
  • Build a Minimum Viable Product
  • The Art of Pivoting
  • Blue Ocean vs. Red Ocean Markets
  • Go-To Market Strategies
Case Studies Include:
  • Life After Shazam: Why Chris Barton Joined Dropbox and Google. By Chris Barton - Founder of Shazam
  • Competing with Giants: How Wikipedia took on Google By Jimmy Wales - Founder of Wikipedia
  • The Niche Behind Eventbrite's Success By Renaud Visage - Founder of Eventbrite

Module 3: Leadership
Presentation by Rend Stephan, Managing Director, BCG

This module explores the leadership style and techniques of those who lead some of the world’s most transformative organizations. It aims to equip you with the skills and insights to lead with confidence and integrity

This Module Covers:

  • Setting stretch goals: the OKR Framework
  • The Sandboxing Framework
  • Aligning Missions, Goals and Results
  • Task Prioritization Techniques
  • Understand and Combating the HIPPO Effect
  • Becoming a Heat Shield
  • Overcoming the Imposter Syndrome
  • The Anti-Complex Framework
Case Studies Include:
  • Running Effective Meetings: Amazon’s Two Pizzas Rule By Ann Hiatt, Google’s First Chief of Staff
  • Creating Time for Thinking: Lessons from Jeff Bezos and Eric Schmidt By Ann Hiatt, Google’s First Chief of Staff
  • The incremental Paradox - Lessons from Boeing By Rend Stephan

Module 4: Sales
Presentation by Jeffrey Gitomer, Best selling sales author

Sales is for everyone in business. In this section, you'll delve into the art and science of sales. This module is designed to equip any entrepreneur and business leader with the tools to drive business growth across industries.

Focused on practical strategies and rooted in modern business scenarios, this course is designed to provide students with the skills needed to thrive in today's competitive marketplace.

You'll delve into the sales process, exploring critical areas like prospecting, relationship building, negotiation, and closing techniques.

This course is taught by Jefrey Gitomer, author of the Best Selling Sales Book of All Time - The Little Red Book of Selling

This Module Covers:

  • Discovering the Buying Motive
  • Risk Reversal
  • Asking the Right Questions
  • Communicating in terms of "them"
  • Mastering the Pitch

Module 5: Business Operations
Presentation by Caen Contee, Co-Founder at Lime

How do Businesses actually run? It's all about operations. In this module, you'll learn how to make the different pieces of the puzzle work together

This Module Covers:

  • Processing Customer Feedback
  • The Rules of Expansion
  • Organic vs. Inorganic Growth
  • Defining Company Values
  • Forging Business Partnerships
  • Authentic Branding
Case Studies Include:
  • The Shazam Friction Reduction Framework By Chris Barton - Founder of Shazam
  • Navigating through Crises: Lessons from Lime By Caen Countee - Founder at Lime
  • Community Building - The Wikipedia Playbook By Jimmy Wales - Founder of Wikipedia

Module 6: Management
Presentation by Morin Oluwole, Global Director at a Tech Company

This module explores key management concepts and techniques to help managers move their organizations forward

This Module Covers:

  • The Science Behind Motivation
  • Making Hard Decisions
  • Mentorship & Sponsorship
  • The Massive Transformative Purpose
  • Diversity and Inclusion Crisis Managemen
Case Studies Include:
  • Alignement: Lessons from YouTube By Steve Chen - Founder of Youtube
  • Eventbrite and the Massive Transformative Purpose By Renaud Visage, Founder of Eventbrite

Module 7: Financial Accounting
Presentation by Steven Chen, Founder of Youtube

No business education is complete without a robust knowledge of Financial Accounting. In this module, you’ll learn to interpret and manage financial information, a crucial skill for making informed business decisions.

Learn about assets, liabilities, equity, income, and expenses, and how these elements interact ni business operations.

This Module Covers:

  • Financial vs. managerial accounting
  • The Accounting Equation
  • The Three Financial Statements
  • Assessing Company Health
  • Breaking Down Liabilities

More Modules Coming Soon! Join today and additional Modules will be added automatically for a full year!